Farewell 2019, look forward to 2020!



2019 is fast.

There is laughter.


Under pressure,


About work

The project has changed, the team has changed,But it’s growingThank you for your care and trust!

In the second half of the year, I started to learn the go language and build projects with go, which is just a beginning.

I also shared several times in the team and exercised my ability of speaking on stage.

During this period, I heard some Daniel’s sharing and shared my notes to you:

  • Use abstraction to solve the rapid change of requirements;
  • Decoupling is used to solve the uncertainty of technology realization;
  • Under the current resource conditions, the optimal solution should be obtained, and then the gray transition should be carried out;
  • The organization’s way of communication determines what kind of structural design you use. One of the core goals of the architecture is to reduce the communication cost of the team;

About life

Thank you for your wife. Even ordinary life is romantic! (desire to survive)

Thanks to my parents. I helped to bring my children here. I found that I am a pig and lazy.

The child is learning to talk. Babbling is so cute.

2020 target

  • Learn and apply the go language.
  • Learn and build microservice gateway.
  • Learn and ponder the management experience of the first line, and sort out the management theory that suits you.

Attached 2019 article index

PHP knowledge points (6)

  • SSO single sign on
  • PHP interface signature verification
  • PHP caching technology
  • PHP floating point high precision operation
  • Php web security defense
  • RPC in my eyes

Swoole beginner level (11)

  • Swoole starts a service. Which processes and threads are started?
  • Application of swoole timer
  • Application of swoole task
  • Application of swoole websocket
  • Application of swoole http
  • Application of swoole multi protocol and multi port
  • Swoole is integrated into a small framework
  • Implementation of swoole RPC
  • The implementation of swoole MySQL connection pool
  • Implementation of swoole redis connection pool
  • Pressure test swoole web socket server performance

Go beginner level chapter (13)

  • Go – environmental installation
  • Go – variable declaration
  • Go – array
  • Go slice
  • Go – struct structure
  • Go – map set
  • Go – cycle
  • Go – function
  • Go – Chan channel
  • Go – defer function
  • Go – gRPC Hello World
  • Go – grpc debugging tool
  • Go – JSON parsing

Go in API project (7)

  • Using go modules package management tool
  • Planning catalog and parameter validation
  • Routing Middleware – logging
  • Routing Middleware – catch exception
  • Routing middleware Jaeger link tracing (1)
  • Routing middleware Jaeger link tracing (2)
  • Routing middleware signature verification

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