FAQ | perfdog FAQ issue 2


In order to better serve perfdog users and solve the problems encountered in the use of perfdog, we will regularly sort out the common problem set to share with you, and continue to polish our products to provide you with better service. The following is the “frequently asked questions” of this issue. If you encounter any problems in the process of using perfdog, please join the QQ communication group: 228756853 or ask questions in the official forum. We will answer them for you at the first time. Thank you for your support and trust in perfdog.

Q: Perfdog can’t detect the phone?

A Android platform:

1) Please turn on debug mode (for Huawei devices, you need to enable the “only charge” mode in the developer option to allow ADB debugging, and then turn on USB debugging).

2) The above is not good, please re open perfdog software and restart the phone.

3) The above is not enough. Please confirm that the ADB on the PC may be monopolized (automated test framework, Android studio tools, etc.), please close the tools and ADB.exe 。

4) The above is not good, please use the mobile phone manager or mobile assistant to check.

Special models:


IOS platform:

1) Windows system and system before mac10.15

a) Need mobile phone trust.

b) The above is not good, please use the latest version of the software to check whether you can connect to the detected mobile phone.

c) The above is not good, please restart the phone.

d) The above is not good, please replace the USB cable (USB cable may be aging).

2) Mac10.15 and later

a) The left location device of finder determines the trust request.

b) Terminal equipment confirmation.

3) Please download and use the latest iTunes in advance (if you have installed the itools software, please close the itoos software)

Q:PerHow to solve the problem that dog cannot be used normally due to no write permission**

FAQ | perfdog FAQ issue 2

AAvoid decompressing perfdog to the system disk. There are many restrictions on the system disk. Please unzip it to a non system disk.

Q:Does perfdog support multiple open testing?

AThe perfdog on PC can be opened more than one time, and a single PC can test multiple mobile phones at the same time.

Q: What does perfdog support to test?

APerfdog supports performance testing of all mobile platform applications (games, APP applications, browsers, applets, games, H5, background system processes, etc.), Android simulator, cloud real machine, etc. Support app multi process testing, such as Android multi sub process and IOS extension process app extension.

Q: Why can’t some data of Android platform be collected, and performance data is not displayed on the screen of mobile phone?

FAQ | perfdog FAQ issue 2

AFor the first test of Android platform, you need to agree to install APK. If you do not install APK on some machines, some data cannot be collected. After installing and authorizing relevant permissions, performance parameters can be displayed on the screen of mobile phone.

Q: What are the precautions for IOS platform testing?

AIOS platform: iPhone dot / assisted touch and guided access of iPhone x bangs will affect the accuracy of perfdog data collection. Please turn it off.

Note: methods of closing white bar / guided access in application and game:

1. Click Settings – General – auxiliary functions – guided access

2. Open [guided access], after entering the game, press the power button three times to hide the home key completely.

3. If you want to restore the home key, press the power button three times to restore.

Q: Do screen capture and log collection affect performance?

AScreen capture records and log logs are used to collect the performance impact (overall FPS impact < = 1. Millet 5: CPU = 1%. IPhone 7p: CPU < 2%), if not, please do not turn on screen capture or log log collection.

Q: Prompt network connection failure?

AIt may be that the PC network has set up a network agent or enabled the packet capturing software. Please close it.

Q:Memory collection of IOS mobile phone is always 0

AMemory collection of IOS mobile phone is always 0, please restart the phone, energy collection is always 0, please restart the app application or game tested.

Q:How can more performance parameters be collected?**

AButton + at the bottom right of UI to customize performance parameters. Check indicates collection, and check corresponding box indicates display.

Q:Why can’t I see GPU information?

AAt present, Android platform only supports some high-throughput GPU mobile phones, which will be supplemented later.

Q:Why can’t mobile phones test power?**

AThe battery can only be tested in WiFi mode, but charging test in USB mode is meaningless. On the IOS platform, mobile phones with wireless charging function are temporarily not supported.

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