Fans help: Java programmers, 4 years, very confused, hope that the predecessors can point out a technical route and the knowledge and skills tree to master;



The future route of Java programmers is nothing more than: Project Manager, product manager, technical manager, development director, architect, DBA, even pre-sale, or even give up their hands. Most of the confused friends who have worked for four to five years are constantly copying and pasting, copying and pasting, and basically have no chance to design the whole (part) system, In other words, if you don’t think about the performance of the system, you will not use the database if you don’t think about it. Every day’s work is the same, basically in the muddle, want to jump out of the job, wages also can not rise much, young people are in the pension state.

Job hopping


I always encourage others to change their jobs. When they are young, they have to struggle. When they can’t learn new things in company a, they have to jump to company B, small companies to big companies, traditional software companies to Internet companies. It’s good for them to see more new things.


About skill treeI don’t think it’s really important. If you have been working for five years and still have a discussion with others, I will use it
Spring, spring, VMC, mybatis, etc. are they too valuable? Being able to use these things is the same in essence, just a tool, just like using word and excel. We learn these things, not to learn how to use them, but to learn why people design like this, what are the benefits, and what the underlying principles are.

Program = data structure + algorithmSo the data structure must be looked at. After reading the data structure, we can draw inferences from one instance. The data structure itself is not related to the language, so that your thinking is no longer controlled by the language itself, and even the knowledge of data structure can be extended to the level of database. Although we are called Java programmers on the surface, in fact, we do not deal with databases in our work. Java is actually just a bridge, connecting users (clients) and databases. Learning databases is not just about adding, deleting, modifying and querying, but about learning how to write SQL with better performance, how to design convenient queries and facilitate future expansion, rather than having a little bit of demand each time Change to frequently modify the database table structure. Not to mention the four characteristics of database: atomicity, consistency, isolation and persistence, let alone transactions.

And then there it isHigh concurrency, multithreadingThese things, want to enter the big factory (batmjj), these things can not say why, basically no play.

JDK source codeIt is not required to see all of them once, but the common categories are as follows:
String, StringBuffer, list, ArrayList, HashMap, treemap, linked HashMap, etc. you have to watch it twice or three times.

Knowledge of JVMAfter all, the Java program we write is running on the JVM. To fully understand java, this knowledge is essential.
Remember, the superstructure decides. We must lay a solid foundation. Then there is the transition, whether it is Project Manager / product manager, technical manager, development director, architect, DBA, choose a direction you like. With a solid foundation, success is only a matter of time.

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