Facing the future, it is better to start “self questioning and exploration” earlier than to look forward to it. Tidb DevCon 2020 is about to open


Why is tidb 4.0 Ga “a future version with unlimited potential”?

What are the features of the “mysterious” fully managed tidb cloud service?

Tidb is connected with the whole world in terms of community / business / academic. What is our new understanding and experience of the global market?

How can the open source community, composed of thousands of community contributors and users from all walks of life, thrive with tidb products?

Tidb is already standing here. Where is the next step?

What are the contents of the four “technical solutions elaboration” presented on tidb DevCon for the first time?

If you have a lot of question marks about tidb, then tidb DevCon 2020, which will be held from June 6 to 7, will be answered. But what we’re going to give is not a full stop, but an exclamation point A kind of A kind of

And a “blank space” about the future, full of infinite possibilities——

Because we look forward to it more than anyone else and begin to “ask and explore” earlier.

Main forum and tidb 4.0 release

Opening Keynote

Liu Qi, co-founder and CEO of pingcap

TiDB 4.0 – The Future is Now

Liu Tang, chief architect of pingcap

Content introduction:Tidb 4.0 finally ushered in the release of GA version, 4.0 not only has a lot of improvement and improvement in performance, ease of use, stability and other aspects, but also is an important milestone in tidb becoming the “database of the future”. In this sharing, we will introduce some important features of tidb 4.0, such as real-time, HTAP, serverless, etc., so that you can feel and appreciate the charm of 4.0.

Database-as-a-Service: TiDB Cloud

Liu Yin, head of cloud products of pingcap tidb

Content introduction:Tidb has a natural cloud native architecture, only in the cloud can we really play the power of tidb flexible scheduling, and greatly reduce the total cost of ownership of users. Users can create a tidb cluster in a few minutes with a few mouse clicks. After that, the complex operation and maintenance work and reliability are handed over to pingcap experts for protection. Users only need to focus on their own business development. With the release of tidb 4.0, we will officially launch the fully managed tidb cloud service in June this year, and take the lead in supporting AWS / GCP two public clouds. In this talk, let’s unveil the veil of tidb dbaas for you to have a look.

TiDB’s Scale-out at Global Scope

Ping cap VP of Engineering

Content introduction:In the past year or more, pingcap has gradually expanded the steps of tidb around the world, connecting tidb with the whole world from the aspects of community / business / academic. Here, I would like to talk about our achievements in the past year and our understanding of the global market.

Empower Yourself in TiDB Community

Cui Qiu, co founder of pingcap

Content introduction:In the past year, we have formally incorporated user ecology into the community governance framework; in terms of developer ecology, we have also explored better collaboration methods and honor promotion system. After five years of continuous development, the tidb community has received feedback and suggestions from thousands of community contributors and tidb users from different industries all over the world. The community also hopes to nurture every enthusiastic participant and grow together with everyone. Everyone for the community, community for everyone. If you want to know the story behind the open source tidb community, welcome to DevCon 2020 to talk about it.

Roadmap: the next step of tidb Technology

Huang Dongxu, co founder and CTO of pingcap

Content introduction:In a previous live broadcast, I mentioned that the development of tidb in recent years is like “playing the next big chess game”. After five years of sharpening one sword, it finally began to show its edge in the 4.0 version. Now that the technology and community foundation of tidb has been gradually consolidated, where will tidb go next, especially what are the major highlights in technology? In this sharing, I will give some directional thinking and technical prospects for the next big version of tidb.

Technical solutions

Tidb financial level backup and multi center disaster recovery

Yu Jun, general manager of pingcap Solutions Division

Content introduction:Since the large-scale application of relational database in financial industry, disaster recovery and disaster recovery has become a rigid requirement for database. Distributed database not only provides powerful expansion capability, but also provides disaster recovery and recovery capability different from traditional single machine database. According to different disaster recovery requirements, tidb provides a variety of flexible and reliable financial level security schemes to support the safe and stable operation of financial business. This sharing session introduces various disaster recovery and disaster recovery schemes and practical cases of tidb.

The best practice of tidb heterogeneous database replication

Qin Tianshuang, architecture director, pingcap Solutions Division

Content introduction:One of the difficulties in the distributed transformation of existing business system is the migration of database. Full or incremental migration? Online or offline? Using off the shelf tools or development jobs? Users often face multiple choices. Here we will share with you the massive heterogeneous platform migration experience accumulated by pingcap team in many years of implementation experience, as well as more application scenarios of database replication technology.

Tidb on kubernetes best practices

Wu Ye Lei, engineer of pingcap cloud

Content introduction:With the maturity of kubernetes (k8s), more and more organizations begin to build infrastructure layer based on k8s on a large scale. However, considering the core position of database in architecture and the weakness of k8s in stateful application arrangement, many organizations still think that running core database on k8s will bring high risk. In fact, running tidb on k8s can not only realize the unification of enterprise technology stack, reduce maintenance cost, but also bring higher availability and security. This sharing will introduce tidb operator, the operation and maintenance management system of tidb on k8s, and then analyze how tidb on k8s can achieve efficient fault self-healing and ensure data security from various fault scenarios. Finally, we will share the production environment cases of tidb operator from domestic and foreign first-line companies, and summarize a set of tidb on k8s best practices.

Massive data batch processing technology based on tispark

Yang Zheyuan, senior solution architect of pingcap

Content introduction:When it comes to batch processing, what’s the first word that comes to mind? Is it a piece? Is it trouble? Is it too slow? Now, if you are told that batch processing does not have to endure the pain of these things. With the power of spark distributed computing framework, it can efficiently process data from a unified perspective, and then write it back to tidb. At the same time, it can guarantee the acid characteristics of the data. Do you think this is impossible? This sharing will reveal the implementation and use method of massive data batch processing technology based on tispark.

In addition, there are rich topics brought by community developers and users. See the poster below for the complete agenda of the conference

Facing the future, it is better to start

Facing the future, it is better to start

Important information of the conference

Tidb DevCon 2020, the annual highest specification Technical Conference of tidb community, will be launched live from June 6 to 7.

Registration method:Click [here] to enter the official website of the event to view the detailed introduction of the topic & sign up for joining the group. After the meeting, we will share PPT information in the group

  • 1 main forum + 6 special Forums
  • 80 + topic sharing
  • Tidb technology milestone 4.0 officially released
  • Developers at home and abroad gather to upgrade global open source community architecture
  • Partner & 50 + tidb user practice case sharing
  • It covers finance, e-commerce, logistics, new retail, travel, telecommunications, medical, energy, manufacturing, high-tech, education, video, information and other industries

June 6-7

A global storm

Watch the flag of open source fly!