Face recognition without touch


With the urge of COVID-19, the technology of face recognition and temperature measurement has developed rapidly, and there has been no contact temperature measurement under the help line, which provides a guarantee for people to travel and work and study. A good face recognition temperature measurement product can make the gate channel and access control attendance realize the automatic passage of face recognition, and can also carry out high-precision infrared temperature detection at the same time. Its importance is self-evident at present. Government and enterprise units and schools use face recognition and temperature measurement integrated machine, which can register attendance through face recognition and automatically release temperature measurement at the same time, so as to ensure the safety of personnel entering. The off-line places can build an automatic access gate by building an integrated face recognition machine to reduce personnel contact.

Principle of face image quality detection algorithm

What happens when face quality detection is put into a real use scenario? The following is based on, including face detection, living body detection, face comparison and witness ratio. A user comes from a distance. Due to the distance, the system first captures the fuzzy face image. Then, face recognition will automatically judge. Because the quality is too low, the image will be rejected and sent to the next recognition link. Then the system will continue to capture until a high-quality face image is recognized and successful. In the whole process, users can complete face recognition at one time without deliberately waiting.

Face recognition function

1. Combination of person and ticket

Effectively identify the text information on the front and back of the ID card, read and judge the authenticity of the bill, compare the characteristics of the photos stored in the second-generation card with the living face in front of the gate, and provide ID card quality control technology. After the three in one verification of personnel, certificates and bills is passed, they are archived and automatically opened and released.
Face recognition without touch
2. Face quality detection

Fast real-time detection of face illumination, ambiguity, mask, pose and other conditions, and capture the best quality face.
Face recognition without touch
3. Human code integration

Read the personnel photos and personnel information in the bar code or bound to the bar code, compare the characteristics of the personnel photos with the living face in front of the gate, archive them after passing the person code integration verification, and automatically open the gate for release.
Face recognition without touch
4. One person, one temperature, one gear, non-contact temperature measurement

Conduct a quick check on the body temperature of the face, and you can pass if the body temperature is normal.
Face recognition without touch
Face recognition traffic characteristics

1. Automatic statistics and report generation

The smart attendance system module supports automatic statistics of data, including total face brushing times, employee attendance times, visitor passing times, visitor identification times, as well as equipment statistics, attendance data statistics and attendance statistics.
Face recognition without touch
2. Personnel management in one step

It can support the functions of single addition and batch import and export of visitor information, one click processing of personnel transfer and resignation, and support the replacement of face photos. It can also collect visitor face information remotely through the module.

For visitors, managers can be supported to enter visitor information in advance, including visitor name, gender, mobile phone number, avatar, group, etc. when visitors arrive, they can brush their faces directly to make visitors more comfortable.

3. Flexible traffic equipment management mode

The equipment access record can be queried and deleted with one click. It supports capturing the photos, body temperature, travel time and matched personnel information of on-site traffic personnel, and automatically generates the access record. The user can export or delete the access record. At the same time, it can carry out remote upgrading, real-time monitoring, remote restart / door opening / volume adjustment and other command operations on the access control equipment.

4. Real time traffic monitoring of attendance terminal

The user can view the real-time traffic of all attendance terminals in the background attendance management – original record, including the name of the passing personnel, Department, position, clock in time, which equipment it is, and clock in attributes.

The core function of face recognition

Face recognition without touch
Conclusion: face recognition in public places, fast and contactless passage will not only effectively ensure the safety of the masses, but also make the passage more convenient. The face recognition traffic management module can effectively help various gate channels and access control attendance scenes, ensure the safety of passing personnel, and realize efficient automatic access control management.

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