External part – Visual Studio code and vue.js


Fan waipian

Seaconch is so tired that he can’t help writing this article

I can’t help but recommend new editors. I can’t help but use them everywherevs codeThis editor

To whom? I don’t know, when the same person is like meFrom vsThen maybe you will feel the same as me~

Start learning in Mayvue.jsUp to now, it has basically been usedvs 2013 + webstormDevelop the project in a new way

vsUsed to writeasp.net webapiwebstormUsed to writevue.js

Although it’s good to write like this, there are many times when you feel that the computer can’t run

Start one at the same timevs(and still running), onewebstorm, onessms, onecmder, oneChrome, not to mention cutting eyes, computers often get stuck, and memory is irritable

vsthisIDEFor several G’s, the start-up is slow and normal, but generally there is no card during coding, which is generally very smooth; Webstorm is often unable to carry it. It starts slowly, and then it is easy to get stuck when coding. Another thing is that the font of webstorm is really a little fat… I’m not used to it

Then, in a casual chat with colleagues, I heard him talk aboutDeveloping python with vs Code, and then I’m confused, vs Code? Python ? Is it a new version of vs?

With this question, I began to check the relevant materials, then successfully downloaded and installed a vs code editor and finally realized itDeveloping vue.js project with vs CodeDemand for

Let’s see what this editor looks like:

External part - Visual Studio code and vue.js

Then this is vs2013:

External part - Visual Studio code and vue.js

Just look at the editing interface, there is a sense of intimacyBriskThe sense of editing is really not what webstorm can bring. Hahaha

vs codesureBy extensioncomeSupport Vue eslintAnd other functions we need or don’t need, as shown in the figure:

External part - Visual Studio code and vue.js

vs codeCan passSource code managementAdministrationGitHubsvnAnd other projects on the project management platform, as shown in the figure:

External part - Visual Studio code and vue.js

vs codeCan debugvue.jsBut I didn’t try

vs codeBring your ownCMD windowIt can be directly belowterminalpanelnpm run devAnd see the error prompt,Press and hold Ctrl + left key to automatically navigate to the wrong position when clicking the error prompt

External part - Visual Studio code and vue.js

Navigation error

External part - Visual Studio code and vue.js

vs codeCan expandeslint, by extensioneslintThe editor can be inEditing phaseCanTipsThere is a wrong coding style, but sometimes there is no prompt. At that time, you need to click and navigate to the wrong location on the terminal to modify it. Maybe it is because I haven’t configured it completely. The screenshot of the wrong navigation above has given a prompt for the wrong coding style in the editing stage

vs codeAlso havecode snippet, we can set our favorite code snippets for rapid development, such as:

Input:clTap tab to bring it out automaticallyconsole.log('$1'),$1Represents where the cursor appears

Well, I just started using it yesterdayvs codeI like it very much, but it’s still just used after all, so when you see here, just look at it with the passing heart


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