Express order number query API – Express Express


Call the Express query API standard interface provided by express bird, and quickly connect the logistics track query of more than 100 express companies. This paper realizes the express order number query of yousuexpress.

First of all, we have the resources we need,

Here we recommend that you go to iqiyi to check the video tutorial:

Test merchant ID:


Test API key:

554343b2-7252-439b-b4eb-1af42c8f2175 (this key is only used in test environment)

API test address:

Next, let’s talk about request parameters

1、 Interface description / description

Description of request system level parameters:
Express order number query API - Express Express
remarks:R-required, o-optional, and the parameter in c-message is optional under certain conditions

The system level parameters mentioned here are equivalent to public parameters. These parameters must be passed to each interface when calling.

Interface parameters:
Express order number query API - Express Express
Interface parameters, also known as business parameters, request business interfaces are different, parameter fields, content is also different, is with the business changes, here we implement the instant query interface, request instruction type: 1002, express bird official website requires that the express company code and logistics order number must be passed, and the code of Express Express Express is UC

To view the codes of other express companies, click this link:

We use the real order number (900752733683) to complete the track interface call,

Request JSON

{‘OrderCode’:”,’ShipperCode’:UC,’LogisticCode’:’ 900752733683′}

Complete message of request (after URL encoding)


Uncoded request message:

{‘OrderCode’:”,’ShipperCode’:’UC’,’LogisticCode’:’900752733683′} &EBusinessID=1264783&RequestType=1002&DataSign=YzlhZDZmMTNkYWY5M2MxZTIxOTQ1MmUwMWRmZDdlNjc=&DataType=2

Return message information


"LogisticCode": "900752733683",

"ShipperCode": "UC",

"Traces": [{

    "Acceptstation": "[Xuzhou 18 Department] [Jianhua packaging] has been received",

    "AcceptTime": "2020-02-24 15:54:36"

}, {

    "Acceptstation": "the express has arrived at [Xuzhou express distribution], and the last stop was [Xuzhou 18 Department]",

    "AcceptTime": "2020-02-24 18:25:55"

}, {

    "Acceptstation": "the express has been sent from [Xuzhou express distribution] to [Wuxi Express Distribution]",

    "AcceptTime": "2020-02-24 18:27:14"

}, {

    "Acceptstation": "the express has arrived at [Wuxi Express Distribution], the last station was [Xuzhou express distribution]",

    "AcceptTime": "2020-02-25 03:32:27"

}, {

    "Acceptstation": "the express has been sent from [Wuxi Express Distribution] to [Taizhou express distribution]",

    "AcceptTime": "2020-02-25 03:34:40"

}, {

    "Acceptstation": "the express has arrived at [Taizhou express distribution], the last station was [Wuxi Express Distribution]",

    "AcceptTime": "2020-02-25 08:29:43"

}, {

    "Acceptstation": "the express has been sent from [Taizhou express distribution] to [Jiangyan No.6 Department]",

    "AcceptTime": "2020-02-25 08:31:16"

}, {

    "Acceptstation": "the express has arrived at [Jiangyan Liubu], and the last stop was [Taizhou express distribution]",

    "AcceptTime": "2020-02-27 09:55:54"

}, {

    "Acceptstation": "[Zhou guobing] of [Jiangyan Liubu] is sending a piece, Tel: 15996068855. My temperature is normal today. I will wear a mask to serve you. You can also contact me to put your package at the designated place. I wish you good health,

    "AcceptTime": "2020-02-27 10:04:37"

}, {

    "Acceptstation": the express has been signed in person,

    "AcceptTime": "2020-02-27 14:46:31"


"State": "3",

"EBusinessID": "1264783",

"Success": true


The detailed interface document is attached to you:

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