Express 100 Express query map trace API interface case code


1、 Express query map track

1.1 interface format

Provide a unified HTTP post or get call interface, and the return format supports JSON, XML, text and HTML data.

1.2 request address…

Request parameters:

Parameter name Required type explain
customer yes string Authorization code, pleaseApply for Enterprise Editionobtain
sign yes string Signature is used to verify identity. MD5 encryption is performed in the order of param + key + customer (note that the encrypted string must be converted to 32-bit uppercase) without adding a “+” sign
param yes param Spliced by other fields

Param data structure:

Parameter name Required type explain
com yes string The code of the express company queried shall be in lowercase letters
num yes string The maximum length of the express delivery order number queried is 32 characters
phone no string The telephone numbers of the receiver and sender (both mobile phone and fixed phone), and only one can be filled in. SF order number is required, and other express companies can fill in it. If the landline number has an extension number, the extension number does not need to be uploaded.)
from yes string Departure information, such as Kingdee Software Park, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province
to yes string Destination information, such as international finance building, Chaoyang District, Beijing
show no string Return format: 0: JSON format (default), 1: XML, 2: HTML, 3: Text
order no string Sorting of returned results: desc descending (default), ASC ascending
orderTime no string Order placing time in the format of (yyyy MM DD HH: mm: SS), e.g. 2020-12-16 12:59:59

1.3 request instance

    "From": "Kingdee Software Park, Nanshan District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province",
    "To": "international finance building, Chaoyang District, Beijing",
    "orderTime":"2020-12-16 12:59:59"

1.4 return results

Field name type Field meaning
message String Message body, please ignore
state Integer The current status of express order includes 13 statuses: 0 in transit, 1 receiving, 2 difficult, 3 signing in, 4 returning, 5 sending, 6 returning, 7 document transfer, 10 pending customs clearance, 11 clearing, 12 cleared, 13 abnormal customs clearance, 14 recipient refusing to sign, etc
status Integer Communication status, please ignore
condition String Express order details status flag, not implemented yet, please ignore
ischeck Integer Please ignore the sign in flag. Please refer to the state field for details
com String Express company code, all in lowercase letters
nu String Odd Numbers
trailUrl String Track map link
arrivalTime String Estimated time of arrival
totalTime String Average time
remainTime String How long will it take to get there
isLoop Boolean Is there a loop
ΘrouteInfo Routing information
└Θfrom Departure District Information
└number Administrative region information code
└name District Information Name
└Θcur Current administrative region information
└number Administrative region information code
└name District Information Name
└Θto Destination administrative region information
└number Administrative region information code
└name District Information Name
Θdata data The latest query result, array, contains multiple items, total quantity and reverse order (i.e. the latest time is at the top). Each item is an object. The object contains fields. Please expand
└ context String content
└ time String Time, original format
└ ftime String Time after formatting
└status String The sign in status corresponding to this data element will appear only after the resultv2 tag is submitted in the real-time query interface
└areaCode String The code of the administrative region corresponding to this data element will appear only after the resultv2 tag is submitted in the real-time query interface
└areaName String The name of the administrative region corresponding to this data element will appear only after the resultv2 tag is submitted in the real-time query interface

1.5 provide data content

    "message": "ok",
    "nu": "YT4781863654577",
    "ischeck": "1",
    "com": "yuantong",
    "status": "200",
    "data": [{
        "time": "2020-11-30 13:19:56",
        "Context": "Yuantong cooperation point [meow station] Express has arrived at the Deshang post station, No. 3, Yuanli, Fortune Street, Tel.: 18744663997",
        "ftime": "2020-11-30 13:19:56",
        "areaCode": null,
        "areaName": null,
        "Status": "in transit"
    }, {
        "time": "2020-09-12 17:40:58",
        "Context": "[Shenzhen Pinghu company, Guangdong Province] received by: Liu Jiezhen (18128837173)",
        "ftime": "2020-09-12 17:40:58",
        "areaCode": "CN440307003000",
        "Areaname": "Pinghu, Longgang District, Shenzhen, Guangdong",
        "Status": "collect"

    "state": "3",
    "condition": "00",
    "routeInfo": {
        "from": {
            "number": "CN4403",
            "Name": "Shenzhen, Guangdong"
        "cur": {
            "number": "CN6101",
            "Name": "Xi'an, Shaanxi"
        "to": {
            "number": "CN6101",
            "Name": "Xi'an, Shaanxi"
    "isLoop": false,
    "arrivalTime": "2020-12-19 12:00",
    "Totaltime": "2 days and 1 hour",
    "Remaintime": "1 day, 2 hours"

1.6 service description of Waybill signing status

Status value name meaning
0 On the way Express is in transit
1 Collect The express has been collected by the express company
2 difficult The state that the express 100 cannot resolve or requires manual intervention, such as the recipient’s telephone error.
3 Sign for Normal sign in
4 Withdrawal Return the goods to the consignor and sign for receipt
5 Dispatch The goods are being dispatched
6 return The goods are on their way back to the shipper
7 Switch The goods are forwarded to other express companies for mailing
10 Pending customs clearance Goods waiting for customs clearance
11 Customs clearance in progress The goods are in the process of customs clearance
12 Cleared The goods have completed the customs clearance process
13 Customs clearance exception The goods are abnormal during customs clearance
14 deny sb. a visa Explicitly rejected by the addressee

1.7 track link application example

<img src=”” style=”zoom:60%”>

1.8 error return example

"Message": "corresponding company not found"
Information code Information content description Causes and suggested treatment
200 query was successful query was successful
400 Parameter permission problem The data is incomplete, the corresponding company cannot be found, illegal IP, please apply for authorization, this express company is not supported, number problem, etc
500 The query has no result, please check again at intervals It means that the query failed and no valid data was obtained from the express company
501 Server error The server of express 100 has a gap or temporary exception. Sometimes, if the request is not submitted according to the specifications, such as the parameters of the express company are not filled in according to the document regulations, this error will also be reported
502 Server busy There is a gap or temporary abnormality in the server of express 100. Please contact express 100 to find out the cause
503 Failed to verify signature Please check the encryption method. MD5 encryption is performed in the order of param + key + customer, and the encrypted string is capitalized
601 No permission for this function No available quantity or no permission to open

1、 Product introduction of Express query map trace API

The express 100 Express query map track interface provides enterprises and end users with map track display of express order number, logistics node text information and expected delivery time, and visually displays logistics track information.

By calling the map track interface, you can display map track, logistics node information, estimated arrival time, express order status and other information, diversify logistics information display dimensions and improve customer query experience.

2、 Application scenario of Express query map trajectory API

  1. In the e-commerce web page / APP / applet, customers can view the logistics map track of purchased goods in the order details;
  2. Display to customers together with logistics track text information to visualize the in transit status of orders;
  3. Obtain the information of logistics cities and monitor the timeliness of express delivery;
  4. Estimate the arrival time of the package and prompt how long it will take for the package to arrive, identify the express status, and send a text message to remind the customer to sign in;

3、 Express query map track API charging mode

1. Charging method

Express query map track is a value-added service, which supports logistics text information and map links, that is, it includes the function of real-time query interface. After registering the express 100 enterprise account, you can use it in the enterprise management backgroundView map track packagePrice and buy.

2. Charge price

Limited time special offer for new products. Activity time: January 1, 2021 – March 31, 2021. It can be put into use after recharging.

Original price / yuan Preferential price / yuan Single quantity Gift / order Preferential unit price / yuan
3000 2000 20000 5000 0.08
1500 1000 10000 2000 About 0.084
750 500 5000 500 About 0.09
150 100 1000 0.1

Express query map track is charged by bill, and multiple queries of the same waybill within a natural month only charge once. This interface is charged separately.

3. Invoicing

Express 100 supports issuing VAT invoices. After purchase, users can request invoicing in enterprise management background – expense Center – payment record. Electronic VAT ordinary invoice is issued by default, and VAT special invoice can be issued for more than 1000 yuan.

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