Exploration of app development technology under epidemic situation



2020year04month04It is destined to be an extraordinary day.

Pestilence, national mourning, everything has no color except the five-star red flag. All the people mourn, the whole network is grey.

Turn on the phone, most of the software is gray, or the user has never updatedAPPIn this case. As programmers, suppose there is such a requirement, how can we implement it?


Native development

Native development is to useJava / Kotlin / OC / SwiftAnd combined with the official suite to developAndroid/iOSApplication.

Obviously, if you want to use native development technology,APPGray needs to change the original code, repackage, release, audit, put on the shelf.

By the time this series is passed, Qingming will be over.

Native application performance is best, but requiresAndroid / iOSBoth ends of the development, development efficiency is low, and because of Apple’s audit mechanism, the application on the shelf update is also relatively time-consuming.

In the process of competition among major enterprises, some financial enterprises share data, and early launch of products means early occupation of user groups. Under the premise of low performance requirements, it is not recommended to use native development.

H5 application

becauseWebNatural cross platform, developmentH5Application, can reduceAndroid / iOSThe development cost of both ends, and when the application is updated, it can be directly published to the foreground server.

Exploration of app development technology under epidemic situation

Direct additional bankjsTo determine whether the date is2020-04-04It is to add a gray filter to the root tag, and secretly deploy it to the server before the festival. The access during the festival will change, and it will return to normal after the festival.

H5Although the development efficiency is high, but the performance is not good.

Hybrid applications

Native development andH5Combined with development, it needs to be used when efficiency is requiredH5Call the system levelAPIAnd use native when performance is needed.

Hybrid application belongs to the ideal state of development, but it is difficult to develop, but it is also the mainstream development architecture.

NewsAPPThis is a classic hybrid application. When you click on a news, it is actually a web page. Otherwise, the background cannot control the layout.

React Native

Due to the difficulty of hybrid application development, many enterprises adopt itReact NativeconductAPPdevelopment.

useReactTechnology stack code, take into accountAndroid / iOSBoth ends can be usedJavaScriptWrite common components and compile them into native code, taking into account the development efficiency and performance. But if you encounterAndroid / iOSIt takes a long time to develop and adapt to different situations.

meanwhileReact NativeThe hot update can also solve the problem of slow on shelf audit.

But there are also many problems, packaging needsReactRelated packages, resulting inAPPIt’s easy to take dozens of bags after packingMIt’s big.

At the same time, because of the officialReact NativeThe library needs version adaptation, so it looks like the latestiPhoneThis kind of adaptation needs to waitReact NativeOfficial updates.

one flaw cannot obscure the splendor of the jade,React NativeIt is still one of the mainstream development technologies.

Other technology stacks

Alipay is a giant in the industry (although I love to pay with WeChat, but Alipay really does).APPInside, it is far more than payment. For example, modules such as security and log have been accumulated for many years.

Suppose I want to develop a secure payment product, but it does not have such strong technology accumulation. In order to ensure security, we will directly purchase the security framework from ant financial services, and the official will provide technical support.


2020-04-04History will remember today!

Exploration of app development technology under epidemic situation

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