Explain the use of image tags in HTML


In HTML, <img> is the tag that defines the image in the text. Its function is to provide the name of the picture, the size of the picture and some image attributes of the picture, such as Alt, which can give the picture a name to tell friends. This is also a detailed way to optimize seo. This way, Baidu Spider can know what your picture is, or when you publish this picture, Baidu Spider can better grab your picture. It’s convenient for you to optimize what you want to optimize. There is also the ability to independently define the information width and size of a particular picture.

So the writing format for inserting pictures into the code is like this

So what he’s showing is this.

This is the size of the original picture.

You can define it this way when you need to redefine it.

In <img>, you can define the size of the image independently.

This size for the rendering is the width and height defined in <img>.


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