Explain the usage of Oracle pipeline function in detail (split one line into multiple lines)


Oracle pipeline function is a kind of special function. The return value type of Oracle pipeline function must be set

If you need some information during the execution of the real-time output function of the client, you can use the pipeline function after Oracle 9i.

The keyword pipeline indicates that this is an Oracle pipeline function, and the return value type of the Oracle pipeline function must be a collection

--Create a collection to accept the returned value
1st.create or replace type type_split as table of varchar2(4000);
--Create pipe functions
create or replace function split(p_string varchar2, p_sep varchar2 := ',') return type_split pipelined
--The information output by DBMS output needs to be returned to the client once the server executes the complete function
--Pipelined indicates that this is a pipeline function, and the return value type of Oracle pipeline function must be set
--The pipe row statement is used to return a single element of the collection
v_string varchar2(4000) := p_string;
idx Number;
--IDX is the first location
idx := instr(v_string, p_sep);
if idx > 0 then
--, the previous data is added to row /, and the later data is the string used in the next cycle
pipe row(substr(v_string, 1, idx - 1));
v_string := substr(v_string, idx + length(p_sep));
end if;
end loop;
--Return is required after execution
return ;
select a.cust_po,b.column_value proqepi from 
  select cust_po,proqepi
  from cux_custpo_info_t
  where cust_po='PX90806001-4'
) a,(table(split(a.proqepi,','))) b

The test was successful.


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