Explain the automatic sign of IOS to package on the device


Xcode8 provides an automatically sign function, which provides a lot of convenience for developers. It’s very convenient to package the app to the real machine for testing. It doesn’t need to manually register, manually generate the certificate, generate the provision, and hand over the development 99To operate these. With this function, you don’t need it. You can develop the app well. After testing, you can spend 99Apply for developer rights and publish again. Next, let’s see how to do this:

1. Open Xcode and find general > signing, as shown in the figure below


2. Check “automatically manage signing”

If you don’t have an apple account yet and you need to register one, just click on the team option list and select add an account


Click add an account to jump to the following view:


Then select Create Apple ID, and the registration step will pop up. After that, follow the registration steps to guide the registration of the account and verify the email. After that, XXX (personal team) will appear in the team option, and Xcode will automatically generate certificate and provision for you

3. After the equipment is connected, it can be packaged and run directly.