Explain in detail the tutorial diagram of downloading MySQL from windows 10


MySQL version is divided into enterprise version and community version. The community office is an open source software authorized by GPL protocol, which can be used for free, while the enterprise version is a commercial software that needs to be charged.

MySQL official website https://www.mysql.com/ Go in and click download

Scroll down to the end and see MySQL Community Edition (GPL). Click

Click download after entering

Enter the page and scroll to the bottom to see the latest version of 8.0.17. Generally, the downloaded versions are 5.5 and 5.6. Click looking for previous GA versions? In the figure below to find the previous version

Generally select the corresponding number of digits

Finally, a user who needs to register will pop up to download it. Click the figure below directly and you don’t need to register

Zip archive installation package is to download and install source code package installation, and MSI installer is to download the installation program, both are OK.

Zip archive installation steps:

First decompress the compressed package to the specified directory, as follows:

Unzip to D: mysql5.6, open this computer and enter the windows folder of disk C

Search system32 and click to enter the folder

Search for CMD in the folder of system32

Found cmd.exe

Right click to run as administrator

Switch to bin in the installation directory and enter the command

cd D:\mysql5.7\bin

Enter the following command again to start the installation

mysqld -install

Service successfully installed indicates that the installation is successful


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