Explain in detail the solution of the operation failure of VMware open module diskally


VMware (virtual machine ware) is a “Virtual PC” software company. Its products enable you to run two or more windows, dos and Linux systems on one machine at the same time. We need it when we want to run N systems on one machine. At the same time, VMware supports to open and run on other machines directly after copying.

But sometimes we will encounter this problem: “VMware failed to lock the file, failed to open the operation of the module discoarly, failed to start the virtual machine”. Here is how to solve this problem.

Tools / raw materials

VMware virtual machine

Method / step

1. First, you have VMware installed on your computer. Open your virtual machine and you will see the pattern shown in the figure below. However, when you encounter the situation of “VMware failed to lock the file, failed to open the operation of module diskally, failed to start the virtual machine”, how to solve it.

2. Open the directory where your virtual machine is located (not the installation directory of VMware, if you don’t know Baidu, you can also see the figure below)

3. After that, find the. VMX file in the directory where the virtual machine is located. (as shown in the figure below)

4. After you find the file, right-click select Notepad to open it.

5. After opening, find (Ctrl + F) vmci0.present in the file, and you will see “vmci0.present =” true “.

6. After that, change “true” in “vmci0. Present =” true “to” false “and save the file.

7. Finally, turn on the virtual machine again, restart the system, and you can use it normally.

Method / step 2

1. If you can’t use the above method, or feel that the above method is too troublesome, you can also directly find your virtual machine directory (not the installation directory of VMware), find the virtual machine system file directory (as shown in the figure below), and enter the folder. Delete files with. Lck suffix.

After that, restart the virtual machine and it will run normally.

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