Explain in detail the installation of sql2012 error could not open key… Solutions



Before, due to the wrong operation of Xiaobian, an item about SQL in the registration form was deleted by mistake. What was deleted was also forgotten. At that time, it was to solve a SQL problem, but the problem was not solved. Instead, SQL was unable to be repaired, installed or unloaded. However, due to the interview items being prepared at that time, SQL was not in a hurry to use, so I did not care about it and wanted to use the number When doing some demos according to the library, the editor chooses to install a MySQL for practice. Recently, the editor wants to build a library management system platform. The way to learn quickly is to see how others do it, and then analyze their gains and losses as their own experience. After learning from the online products, they want to point out other people’s systems. Their system uses SQL server and wants to point out their system In this machine must have SQL environment support, today after a good sleep, the mood is good, after finishing everything, began to solve the journey again.

[clear SQL residue]

After asking about the installation of small SQL on the Internet, I found that a lot of small installed SQL tools can’t be installed on the Internet, After installation, it will open as shown in the figure below. There are several buttons, select all. This is to select all the registration items above, clear All is to delete all the registration entries on the top. Be careful. If you click, you will have to reload the system ~ ~ ~ the problem encountered by Xiaobian today is the problem of SQL. Now I want to uninstall it. There are two steps: first, uninstall all the SQL related items in the control panel; second, use Windows Installer cleanup to remove SQL. So we can try to re install SQL.


[could not open key… Error occurred during installation]

After clearing the SQL residuals mentioned above, the installation starts. The first two steps are successful. I am glad that it should be. It turned out to be wrong again.

Solution1. After the administrator runs CMD, enter secedit / configure / CFG% windir% / inf/ defltbase.inf/db defltbase.sdb/verbose However, the same problem still exists after Xiaobian tries.

2、 The problem is that SQL was installed on the computer before, but now the permissions are not enough. Therefore, to enhance the permissions, open the registry and find the following directory: HKEY_ LOCAL_ MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Installer\UserData\S-1-5-18\Components

1. Right click components and select permissions
2. Click Advanced
3. Select the owner tab
4. Select “administrators (Group)” as the “owner” of the owner, and then click Apply “apply”
5. After selecting the check box (replace owner on sub containers and objects), click apply again

6. Return to the previous permission “permissions” tab, select the check box “replace all child objects with inherited permissions from this object”, and then click apply again


The second of the above-mentioned solutions solves the problem of Xiaobian. However, the first solution can be found by looking at the big God on the Internet, so it is put here. Anyone who has such a problem can try both. It seems that the solution is always a little more than the problem.

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