Experience GUI programs such as idea in WSL of win11


  originallyGive up WSL for a long timeI’ve updated win10 to win11 these two days. I see that wsl2 has been released, and it seems that there is still a big upgrade available inWSL middle run Linux GUI application。 With the support of win11, it can be doneWin + Linux seamless link。 After installing the GUI program, you can add it to the start menu and clickOne click Start program under Linux

  install win11. If there is no WSL before,Executable commands:WSL — install WSL;
   after installation, WSL can be executed:wsl –install -d UbuntuAfter installing Ubuntu, you can also executewsl –list –onlineView all currently supported Linux distributions;

If the distribution version of wsl1 has been installed before, you need to change 1 to 2:

wsl --set-version Ubuntu-18.04 2 
Run WSL – - update to update WSL. The old version does not support GUI;  
Set default WSL version: WSL -- set default version 2

WSL – status view release version, kernel version, etc

Install GUI application

After installing WSL and Linux distribution versions, you can install GUI applications. Installing GUI applications is no different from installing other software, such as installing GEDIT editor:

suto apt install gedit -y

After installation, execute GEDIT directly on the command line, and a GEDIT editor window will pop up:

Install the idea. After downloading the idea, run idea.sh to start the idea;

  shortcuts in the start menu

   at present, wsl2’s support for GUI is not very stable, and there will be inexplicable exit and inexplicable startup. Maybe idea is too heavyweight and eats too much memory,Official recommendationWSL’s linux environment development tools are non GUIVisual Studio Code, it may be better to use this. It’s not a heavyweight tool.

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