Experience at the beginning of the program veterans Challenge Technology Summit


Science and technology are the primary productivity, which is more incisively reflected in the Internet era. We technical people also need to step onto the stage and learn to face the audience, but most of them lack the experience of public speaking, especially on the stage of technology summit with high specifications and large audience. It’s also a very good advantage of differentiation to make the best speech among technical people and the best technology among speakers. Good public speaking ability can help technicians open up more possibilities for career development. Technical pre-sales, consultants, technical preachers, training lecturers, etc. 35 years old is not only dangerous, but also infinite opportunities!

In 2019, veteran brother completed the initial experience of organizing and presiding over the technology summit, held two activities in Shenzhen and Shanghai, each of which was attended by nearly 1000 audiences. At last, the external feedback and self feeling were good, which was considered as the success of unlocking new skills. In order to do better next time, veteran brother will record his thoughts and thoughts in the whole process for reference by himself and his friends in need:

1. How to organize a technology summit for thousands of people?

Everyone should have attended the technology summit, broaden their horizons through the sharing of guests, and make friends in the exchange and interaction. But apart from the audience’s perspective, what are the other perspectives of the technology summit? What are the values of different perspectives? What are the core and most important elements of the summit? Which are attached to these features? If you are going to organize a technology summit now, how can you recruit a large number of high-quality guests and audiences from scratch? How can guests produce high-quality sharing materials

Maybe you think who has nothing to do with the meeting? It’s the first time for me to organize a meeting. I didn’t know how to accomplish this new task at that time. But now I will regard the technology summit as a product. The preparation process is the process of product design and operation. The skills needed to be a product manager can be used here.

The more technology is not stressed, the more our technical personnel develop, the more they need comprehensive capabilities such as product and management. Understanding product thinking from the preparation of the technology summit can help us to reach a similar bypass. OK Now let’s take a real technology summit with nearly 60 speakers and thousands of audience as an example, and change the product thinking to re analyze the preparation process of the technology summit.

1.1 what kind of product is the technology summit?

Elder brother veterans have been fighting in the Jianghu for some years. During this period, he participated in many Wulin conferences (technology summits), but never prepared for the technology summit. Just received the task of preparing for the meeting, the elder brother of the veteran was still a little confused. From the layman’s point of view, a successful technology summit must first invite the heavyweight sharing guests, and then recruit enough audience. But why are the heavyweight sharing guests invited? Face saving? On friendship? To be honest, even though we know each other, our friendship may not be so deep. We can not only lose our face but also worry about our success rate if we only rely on the dead skin to beg for help.

People can’t come by begging. Big bulls need to take the initiative to hold their thighs. Real contacts come from value replacement, that is to say, we must have the resources or values needed by the big bulls. We can complement each other in different dimensions or levels, which is the premise of cooperation, and the communication between the two sides can be equal and mutually beneficial. It’s hard to get a solid and valuable network by means of low-level sympathy. Of course, as long as people have needs, as Maslow’s demand model tells us, there are different levels of needs. Daniel is not a God either. They also have various needs. The key is to find the unique value of the summit for them.

What is the value of the technology summit? In addition to focusing on technology and training, veteran brother always insists on learning product knowledge. At this time, he naturally wants to switch to the product perspective to explore what is the technology summit? After a little analysis, we know that technology summit is like a portal in the field of IT technology and a social network in the vertical field.

The value of the portal is to gather and distribute traffic. The summit can gather a large number of professional visitors, which is very valuable for sharing guests. The value of social network is to promote the generation of connection. Connection is the channel of value exchange, which is an opportunity to establish contacts. Technology summit is essentially a mixture of portal and social network products. Product thinking helps veteran brother rationalize the idea of organizing the summit. To design and operate the technology summit product well, the key is to correctly understand the needs of various users on different dimensions or levels of the product. From the initial invitation of guests and the recruitment of audience to help us, to become guests and the audience to provide them with the resources or values they need, the psychology has changed from passive to active.

1.2 what types of users are there in the technology summit?

As long as it can accurately grasp the needs of users, the design and operation of products will be relatively easy. It is often difficult to understand the needs of users. As the saying goes, the antidote is next to the poison. When the problem is found, the solution will come out. In addition to the users like the audience, the organizers should have a broader perspective. What types of users are there in the summit? What are their demands for the summit? Before analyzing the requirements, we need to classify the users of this product:

  • Sharing guests: content producers similar to portal websites are responsible for providing the latest technology trends, best practice cases and best product solutions of the industry. In addition, they also act as opinion leaders in social networks and have great influence in their respective fields.
  • Audience: content consumers similar to portal sites. No matter how good the content is, if there is no audience, it will have no value. In addition to consumption content, the audience can also provide valuable feedback to guests and help them optimize the content.
  • Cooperative partner: advertising sponsor similar to portal. The meeting cannot be held without human and material resources, which need to be invested. How to make a balance between revenue and expenditure or make a profit? In addition to ticket revenue, the most important thing is the sponsorship fee of partners. Without sponsorship, the technology summit will be difficult to operate.

1.3 what are the demands of different types of users?

As the saying goes: to see people, to see ghosts. Whether we can move the communication object depends on whether we stand on the position of the other party. The starting point is to be good for the other party so that he can listen patiently and possibly listen to it. After analyzing the needs of various users of the summit, we will know how to communicate with different types of users.

  • Sharing guests: this kind of user veterans have some experiences. What level of needs do they have? First, the summit has gathered a large number of on-site audiences, which is a rare practical opportunity for junior speakers. Second, the guests all hope to share valuable experience with the audience, or expect the audience to become their own fans, or expect the audience to accept products or programs through the speech output influence. Third, the summit site is also a good social place for guests to get to know each other and explore cooperation. In order to meet the needs of such users, the number of visitors to the summit must be on a large scale. The bigger the scene, the more attractive it is, and the higher the specification of software and hardware. In addition to the activities between the guests and the audience, the summit also creates opportunities for exchanges between the guests.
  • AudienceThis kind of user veteran is the most familiar. What do they expect to gain? First, broaden our horizons, share and understand best practices in the industry through guests, and find new ideas for our future work. Second, broaden contacts. The summit brings together technical colleagues in different fields, making face-to-face communication more effective. Single friends can also look for friends of the opposite sex, both working and living. Third, leisure tourism, do not exclude some companies to go out to attend the meeting as a welfare, so that outstanding employees go out to study. In order to meet the needs of such users, the summit tries to invite technical bulls to share dry goods, create groups to facilitate communication, and then choose star hotels to create a good atmosphere. In addition, the best time is next to the weekend, but not at the beginning and end of each month. The duration is 2-3 days.
  • Cooperative partner: Veterans don’t know much about this kind of users. Although I haven’t eaten pork, I have always seen pig run. Every time I attend the technology summit, there will be a variety of sponsor booths in the venue. They value the audience gathered at the summit, which are potential high-quality users with accurate positioning. In order to meet the needs of such users, the host of the summit will create more opportunities for partners to contact the audience, but only if it is in the interests of the audience.

2. How to be the host of the technology summit?

Why should we participate in the work hosted by the technology summit? Some people refuse at the first time. It’s OK to make a technology sharing speech, but hosting is not my dish. Veteran brother was originally building the ability of training speech, but this work intersected with this goal, such as adjusting the atmosphere, controlling the rhythm, guiding the topic, etc., which also need to be used in the training and teaching. The host also belongs to a category of public speech. Veteran brother is very interested in exploring this new field, jumping out of the comfortable area, breaking through himself and unlocking new skills.

As the saying goes, it’s always a good thing to have more skills than one’s own. In case of being laid off from the brick work one day, you may be able to transfer to the master of ceremonies to preside over the wedding. In addition, veterans also need to build their own differentiation advantages, find their own subdivision field, and work hard in this subdivision field to achieve the head, so they don’t have to worry about being replaced. If everyone is in a race track, the homogenization competition will be white hot. The subdivision field must be set according to their own characteristics. The training speech is the hobby of veteran brother.

Presided over by the technology summit, this new work is half confident and uneasy for the veteran brother. The vocational skill training and teaching also need to be presided over. The veteran brother insisted on doing more than ten times of two full day teaching sessions, and encountered various on-site situations, but after all, the main work scenes of the technology summit are different, such as topic content, audience size and field control mode. If there is a challenge, there will be pressure. Under pressure, we will feel anxiety. But when we think about it, it’s normal to jump out of the comfort zone and feel uncomfortable. Through brain thinking and active response, we will gradually adapt to it, so as to constantly expand the scope of our comfort Zone, which is the only way to improve our personal ability.

2.1 how to write better string words?

The difference between written language and spoken language is quite big. The string words are mainly oral. If they are written directly, they are easy to be forgotten when reciting on the stage. Their feelings are not full and their fluency is not enough. Therefore, I will first type the abdominal draft, and then try to talk about the adjustment, so that after repeated several times, a string of field words will basically take shape. But this is not enough. Next, I will record the string field words with the software of recording and converting them into words, and then modify them on the basis of the text manuscript, especially the adjustment of word and sentence order will affect the thinking.

How to do it? How to stand on the stage without forgetting words? The key is that the string words must be based on the experience of the host, which will have a deep feeling, so it is not easy to forget the words. In addition, story thinking should be adopted in content packaging. By telling a past story, follow-up issues will be naturally brought out. Story presentation is easier to attract the audience’s attention, make the audience jump out of the previous sharing, and create a good atmosphere for the next sharing.

After the completion of the text, we will do exercises based on the manuscript, and adjust our thinking in the middle, including the linking words and modal words, so that we can be more coherent when presiding over the scene. If we need to talk about several things in a row, such as: meal and lodging arrangement, group photo, questionnaire survey, topic series, this will test the memory ability of the host. We can create a method that is convenient for memory according to the content when it comes, or write the key words on the word card, otherwise it is easy to appear brain blank or thought fragment.

2.2 what are the precautions for the host?

The host introduces the topics and guests, and then prompts the audience to applaud and welcome the guests to share. At this time, the host should not rush off the stage, but wait for the guests to walk on the stage and shake hands. If there is no other meeting staff responsible for delivering the microphone, the host can give the microphone to the guests by the way, and then walk off the stage slowly, so that the connection will be more smooth.

Compared with the topic introduction, the guest introduction is not easy to remember, which requires rote memorization. Otherwise, it is easy to have some differences. The better way is to strengthen memory before going on stage, or to write it on the suggestion card to introduce the guest accurately and completely to show respect. Of course, if the atmosphere is more open and relaxed, we can also simplify the introduction of guests, just introduce the unit and name, more detailed can be introduced by the guests themselves.

I remember that I didn’t have enough time to practice the field words of a certain topic. The cohesion between paragraphs was a little stiff, the transition was not natural enough, and there were some jams on the field. But don’t be nervous at this time. The audience doesn’t know you forgot your words, and then you can play freely. If you really forget your words, you can prepare a few witty sentences to solve the embarrassment, such as: a beautiful woman attracted my attention, a gust of wind just disturbed my mind, etc.

2.3 what should important leaders do when they rush to the scene?

If there are important leaders coming to the conference, what should the host do? The most basic thing is to introduce it to you between the topics to show welcome and respect, and also to enhance the popularity of the event. Of course, if the overall process of the activity is not affected and only one important leader comes to the scene, then we can privately invite him to speak on stage and call us. However, before inviting leaders, it’s better to communicate and coordinate with the following guests. Considering the controllability of the agenda, the moderator should try to minimize the things beyond the agenda. Some leaders are particularly able to say, or say something unexpected, which is not conducive to the control of the field and disturbs the overall rhythm order.

2.4 what are the common problems in the process of hosting?

  • It’s a high probability event that the guest’s speech is overtime. There are usually countdown reminders on the scene, but there will still be a situation where the guests occupy the stage. It can be accepted after a short timeout. If it is not finished after several reminders, in this case, the host must invite guests to leave the venue to maintain the discipline of the venue, otherwise it will affect the sharing of follow-up guests and disrupt the overall rhythm of the activity. The host’s tone must be firm, unquestionable, polite in attitude, without personal emotions or opinions, and try to start from the standpoint of the audience or other guests, without any positive conflict with the guests in the audience. At the same time, try to look at the guests’ townhouse in a good direction, and then round to avoid embarrassment.
  • Near noon or after work, the audience is easy to leave the venue in advance. In addition to arranging more attractive topics on the agenda, the organizing committee can also consider setting up some lottery links, or selecting the venue of the summit in the suburbs. The organizing committee provides a unified shuttle bus to let more audience stay at the end. The more the audience, the more they can inspire the willingness of guests to share, which is a virtuous circle.
  • A small number of guests still have room to be optimized in content selection, story line design, beautification packaging and interpretation presentation. It’s better to consider adding rehearsal review and other links to ensure the final effect is more perfect and make the audience more satisfied and fruitful.
  • In the selection of guests and agenda arrangement, the male and female guests should be properly matched. There are fewer girls in the technology circle. They focus on technology and do less outstanding work. If you are lucky enough to invite beautiful guests, it will help traffic.
  • In summer, the central air conditioning of some hotels is very sufficient, and the temperature cannot be adjusted flexibly. It’s cold to wear short sleeve T-shirt, especially when there’s no time to have a rest at noon. It’s better to have a coat for this occasion, which can be controlled by yourself.

Time is the fairest thing in the world. No one can escape from the natural law without passing the time. We programmers have to face the barrier of 35 years old. After 35 years old, we can no longer work hard with young people. As we grow older, physical strength is no longer an advantage. At this time, the advantage is a more mature mind, rich work experience, and a clearer understanding of ourselves. On the basis of these advantages, we need to find our own value orientation again. From this point, we can build the stage of the second half of our career and listen to our inner voice. Our heart is our source power!


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