Expand the ecology, where does filecoin spend its “money”?


Expand the ecology, where does filecoin spend its “money”?

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Expand the ecology, where does filecoin spend its
Professional focus and win-win cooperation

In less than a year on the main network, filecoin network has formed a huge and excellent ecology, involving applications and clients, protocol experiments, developer tools, infrastructure, ecological capital and other fields.

In order to promote the implementation of more applications and realize the further prosperity of the whole ecology, filecoin network has launched a number of reward and funding projects to provide support and incentives for ecological development. Let’s learn about the recent awards and grants related to filecoin network



Launch the 2021 Asian hacksong season
Expand the ecology, where does filecoin spend its

IPFs is a point-to-point network and protocol designed to make the network faster, safer and more open. Filecoin is a global community composed of developers, entrepreneurs, storage providers, storage users, business leaders and other members.

IPFs and filecoin ecosystem are committed to cultivating hacker communities in Asia. As an open source protocol and storage network, anyone can build new start-ups, release innovative applications, solve major problems and build a more decentralized, stronger and safer network future.
Expand the ecology, where does filecoin spend its

The 2021 Asian hacksong season is a series of hacksong activities for several months, which will recognize, help and highlight the remarkable development work of IPFs and filecoin stack in Asia. There will be about $500000 in bonuses and grants to reward teams, startups, projects and entrepreneurs!

The 2021 Asian hacksong season consists of four activities of “Saturn, Jupiter, Mars and mercury” this autumn.
Expand the ecology, where does filecoin spend its

Saturn is an IPFs / filecoin track in the 2021 Wanxiang blockchain hacksong series, which focuses on integrating blockchain and other digital technologies to accelerate the digital transformation of various industries, such as 5g, AI and IOT. Relevant online and on-site activities will last from August to September.

Jupiter is an online hacker service that will last from late August to October, focusing on building solutions on IPFs or decentralized storage services using IPFs. Jupiter hacker song’s technical support will be provided by Alibaba cloud ace and its Tianchi platform. The winners will be announced and rewarded in offline activities in Shanghai.

Mars is an online hacker song organized in cooperation with polygon. The activity will last from late August to late October. It is open to beginners and experienced developers. They can create new or optimize existing dapps on IPFs and filecoin networks, solve the problem of daily decentralized storage, or explore the utility of IPFs and filecoin on their storage needs on the basis of polygon.
Expand the ecology, where does filecoin spend its

Mercury is a virtual hacker co hosted with flow to explore the full potential of NFT. Registration will open in September and submission will close at the end of October.


Filecoin×Dapper Labs

Promote the development of NFT and game metauniverse on flow

In addition to co sponsoring mercury virtual hacker song with flow, filecoin also provided a funding plan for flow ecology to accelerate the cooperation between filecoin network and dapper labs and promote the development of NFT and game metauniverse on flow blockchain.

Dapper labs is the team behind cryptokitties, dapper wallet and the highly successful NBA top shot project. It has established a strong ecosystem in the field of NFT and games.

Flow blockchain is a project incubated by the team. It is highly scalable without using sharding technology. This retains the benefits of composability, provides fast and low-cost transaction performance, and provides great convenience for dapps projects facing the majority of mainstream audiences. These fields start with the entertainment industry, such as music, sports, games, art and fashion.

Expand the ecology, where does filecoin spend its

The layout of dapper labs in the field of sports and entertainment of the blockchain has been steadily promoted, and the cooperation between filecoin and dapper labs flow is a leap forward step.

Expand the ecology, where does filecoin spend its

Create NFT on the chain and use filecoin to complete distributed storage and content addressing. The cooperation between dapper labs and filecoin leads the end-to-end ownership of NFT, including the underlying media resources and the best practice of creating NFT data. The project can strengthen the protection of original data and ensure its long-term accessibility, so that NFT can successfully complete transaction exchange and value transfer in the primary and secondary markets.

Expand the ecology, where does filecoin spend its

The integration of filecoin and flow creates a higher degree of decentralization and asset integrity

NFT creators on the flow blockchain can create tamper proof NFT metadata with rich media features (including video), which is realized by using the content addressing of IPFs and the provable and decentralized storage of filecoin network. Nft.storage supported by protocol labs and Pinata can easily protect NFT assets and related metadata, and ensure that all NFTs follow the best practices of maintaining long-term availability.

Expand the ecology, where does filecoin spend its

The developer of the flow project wrote a tutorial to show how to cast flow NFT with metadata stored on IPFs and filecoin.

Expand the ecology, where does filecoin spend its

Provide $5000 next step grants for each qualified flow project integrating IPFs / filecoin solutions

In order to speed up this cooperation, the filecoin network provides a funding program for flow ecology, which starts with the next step microgrant micro funding.

Projects that actively integrate IPFs, filecoin or other related services (such as Pinata or NFT. Storage) can apply for the grant if they meet simple conditions.

The funded projects also have the opportunity to join the future accelerator project, promote ideas to the broad communities of filecoin and flow ecology, and get access to technologies, products and other potential resource support from filecoin ecology.

Expand the ecology, where does filecoin spend its

Filecoin storage provider reward program

(Storage Provider Bounty Board )

The filecoin Foundation launched the storage provider reward program, which is an open tool for coordinating work priorities and using the collective knowledge of the filecoin ecology to provide crowdsourcing solutions for the storage provider community.

Objectives of the plan

Expand the ecology, where does filecoin spend its
Improve filecoin’s ecological and community support by working with community members and contributors.

Encourage more contributors to participate in the filecoin project, and solve some problems by rewarding community contributors who have contributed important value to filecoin.

What is a bounty program

Bounty is a reward for solving simple tasks, such as fixing small errors, adding test cases, updating or translating documents, or proposing to create small and clear functions. Rewards are measured by the severity and urgency of the event.

Higher priority issues will receive higher rewards. Priority and reward criteria are jointly developed by the filecoin foundation and the storage provider working group. Flexibility in the amount of the reward, technical or non-technical issues will be taken into account.

Reward system

The bounty is a simple reward for closing / solving problems, ranging from $50 to $5000. The main basis of judgment is the urgency and complexity of the task at hand. The awards are determined by the filecoin foundation and the filecoin storage provider working group, and the judgment criteria will be gradually improved to ensure transparency.

Expand the ecology, where does filecoin spend its

How to submit an open issue

Open issue can be proposed by any member of the filecoin community. The filecoin Foundation provides templates to help solve problems to ensure that they are described as clearly and in detail as possible.

bonus shares

In order to distribute awards after closing the issue, contributors must submit a reward request, which will inform the filecoin foundation team about their work and payment details.

Conclusion: the promotion of the reward plan and funding plan will stimulate more creativity, realize the incubation and landing of a series of new applications, and make the ecology continue to expand. Therefore, filecoin network will have more profound value support, attract more people to participate in it, and realize the sustainable development of the whole ecology in a virtuous circle!