Exescope registration code algorithm bat version


The official website of exescope is:


There are other software besides exescope, but it doesn’t seem to be very famous.

The download address of the special version of exescope in Chinese / / www.jb51.net/software/32587.html

The correct registration code meets the following conditions: it contains ten characters; the first five digits are a1910 or a1423; the second to the tenth digits must be numbers; the ASCII code sum of the ninth and the tenth digits of the registration code must be 4.

The last condition is that the ninth and tenth digits add up to 8 or 18 (both digits are 9).

One registration code available: a191067880

Or you can use the following batch generation:

@echo off 
setlocal enabledelayedexpansion 
::: By Demon 
::: A1910 or A1423 
set $=A1423 
set /a "x = %random% %% 1000" 
for /l %%i in () do ( 
set /a "y = !random! %% 10" 
set /a "z = !random! %% 10" 
set /a "t = (y + z + 96) %% 10" 
if !t! equ 4 ( 
echo !$!!x!!y!!z! 

From: http://demon.tw/software/exescope-regcode.html