Exclusive interview with Tycho: Wang Zhijian, technical director of nuls, talks about blockchain Technology


Wang Zhijian, technical director of red ants (nuls), talks with chain customer AMA to discuss nuls blockchain technology!

Compere: Hello, it is reported that the POC consensus mining mechanism created by nuls has both POS and dpos advantages. What are the specific advantages of POC?

Nuls Wang Zhijian: POC pays more attention to balance than other consensus mechanisms. POC is characterized by

Low participation threshold, full participation, full income,

The balance of performance and decentralization ensures the performance as well as the decentralization characteristics. The tps1000 can be stably realized by using common nodes (4c16g10m) from different countries before the nuls main network goes online, which is enough to meet the actual needs of current nuls. Instead of needing supercomputers as nodes.

Fair competition mechanism, through the credit system to ensure the stability of the network, if the node is not stable, it will affect the income of the consignor, and the consigned will kick out the consensus node network by voting transfer.

The number of dynamic nodes and the number of nodes of nuls are dynamically changed by participants through voting, and anyone can participate. However, nuls designs some node parameters to ensure that the number of nodes is maintained in a reasonable range, just like the current number of nodes is about 100.

Red and yellow card mechanism, for unstable or evil nodes, there are different punishment measures, including reducing income, stopping income, kicking out consensus and locking margin. Ensure that node maintainers pay attention to node operation and maintenance.

Through these measures, we can ensure the stable and efficient operation of consensus network, and ensure that all participants can share the maintenance incentive of nuls network fairly.

Compere: nuls is a basic public chain project that focuses on modular development. Nuls2.0 is a block chain underlying network with higher modularity based on microservice architecture design. We know that nuls2.0 has been officially launched. What is the improvement of version 2.0 compared with the old version?

Nuls Wang Zhijian: the improvement of nuls 2.0 is mainly reflected in two aspects, one is the improvement of the network itself, the other is the improvement of the blockchain infrastructure.

Network improvement includes:

The architecture upgrade increases scalability, supports multi language underlying extension, and enriches DAPP implementation mode.

Utxo model is changed to account balance model, which solves the problem of too much change in POC consensus mechanism, reduces transaction cost and efficiency, and reduces storage space.

Support cross chain, version 2.0 has realized cross chain of homogeneous blockchain, and provided the underlying support for cross chain and heterogeneous cross chain of contract assets. At present, the team has started the development of cross chain and heterogeneous cross chain functions of contract assets, and will soon complete the construction of cross chain ecosystem.

Performance improvement: the performance of 0 is limited to about 840tps. In actual use, due to poor control of transaction size, only the peak value can be reached. 2.0 TPS is currently limited to 1000 code, which can be adjusted according to actual needs in the future.

In the upgrade of the system, 0 only provides Web wallet and node wallet, and 2.0 includes borrowing wallet, web wallet, desktop light wallet and mobile wallet since its launch. Different terminals have different development directions, which provides the basis for the subsequent development planning of nuls.

Infrastructure improvement:

From Java modular architecture to multi language and multi process microservice architecture. More friendly to all developers.

Modular granularity is more refined. After understanding the protocol and business, developers can easily develop alternatives to meet their business needs.

It can realize module combination. According to different needs, you can select the basic modules, only the modules you need to build the blockchain.

The specification of standard protocol, version 2.0 developed a series of standard protocols, which improved the basic conditions for the future development of nuls.

Host: can you talk about 10 minute chain building products: what’s nuls chainbox? Cross chain projects cosmos and Polkadot also have their own SDKs or frameworks to support chain building, and they have gained a certain market. Many projects choose their tools for chain building. Compared with them, what are the advantages of nuls? Why should nuls be chosen for chain building?

Nuls Wang Zhijian: since its birth, nuls has always taken “making blockchain simpler” as its mission. Cosmos and Polkadot are both star projects in the industry. Nuls2.0 has also communicated with people in their communities during the design process. Nuls has drawn on their experience in many designs.

The feature of the chain box of nuls is unlimited development language, any module at the bottom can be replaced, including a complete isomorphic and heterogeneous cross chain protocol, providing a general blockchain tool (browser, light wallet).

The actual chain building needs in the industry can not be realized by simply sending several business transactions. Each blockchain has many different requirements, which cover networking mode, consensus mechanism, protocol formulation, economic model, performance indicators and other functions and indicators. Based on the above actual requirements, nuls believes that flexibility is a very important feature of chain building tools, and simply emphasizes that chain building in a few minutes is more eye-catching, and the actual chain building is still in-depth tools or indicators Within the framework, to compare. Nuls has a great advantage in flexibility. In the design of nuls, there is a product called module warehouse, which allows developers to upload their own modules to others for use. With the improvement of the bottom layer of nuls2.0, more and more modules will be developed and put into the module warehouse. For the chain maker, a flexible expanding, successful module for selection, supporting cross chain and providing various tools as the bottom foundation Facilities will be a very suitable choice.

Host: what are the differences between the single application architecture and the micro service architecture in essence?

Nuls Wang Zhijian: to solve this problem, berzeck, a member of the nuls global technology community from Bolivia who participated in the development of NuStar, the underlying module of nuls 2.0, once wrote an article “a story about evolution”. In this article, we describe the application of monomer architecture as follows: “an application of monomer architecture is like a fat, slow, single cell organism. All functions are encoded in a single unit and exposed to the environment. If the cell is damaged, the organism will die. The copy of the application is either” full copy “or” full copy ” No replication “, so the efficiency of replication is very low, and the change of basic functions is a difficult process, in which the whole organism may be damaged due to only one error.

There are practical limits to the extent to which this type of application can evolve and evolve over time. ” And modular microservice architecture, we imagine: “multicellular organisms, microservice governance is neural network, each module is a genome, which can be controlled for rapid upgrading and evolution.”

Compere: how can nuls efficiently realize the transition from monomer architecture to microservice architecture?

Nuls Wang Zhijian: since its birth, nuls has a vision to be an easy-to-use blockchain infrastructure. Therefore, nuls 0 initially determined the underlying architecture of blockchain based on modular architecture, so that developers can realize their own business in independent modules, which not only increases the independence of business, but also enhances the reusability of code. In the actual promotion process, we found that Java, the development language of 0, is one of the mainstream development languages in the world, but many blockchain developers are not used to Java as the main language to develop blockchain, including many partners in the nuls technology community, and also think that if there is an unlimited language bottom layer, it will be more conducive to attracting developers and blockchain bottom technology The development of operation. So we designed the 2.0 architecture, because 0 has made the attempt of modularization, accumulated some experience of modularization, and realized the high modularity and business isolation, so we did not encounter great difficulties in the transition of 2.0.

Compere: from a technical point of view, how can nuls reconstruct the micro service ecosystem in combination with blockchain thinking?

Nuls Wang Zhijian: just like the emergence of docker, which brought about the explosion of container ecosystem, thousands of enterprises and teams container their own software, including nuls. We hope that nuls can also bring similar changes. We build a microservice infrastructure, and developers can make their own business microservice modules. When there are sufficient resources in the module warehouse, we can specifically publish some usage methods, reverse promote the development of modules, and achieve a virtuous cycle. It can not only bring value to developers and users, but also lead the development of blockchain industry and technology, which is the bright future that nuls hopes to participate in and create.

Compere: Recently, Libra has become a hot topic in the blockchain industry. What do you think about the deep reason why seven companies such as visa MasterCard quit Libra association? Is it really a political threat? Is there any consideration about competition factors? Why are US lawmakers so hard on Facebook? What’s the future of Libra?

Nuls Wang Zhijian: the wheel of social development will always encounter twists and turns and thorns in the process of progress, but it will never stop. No matter when these companies withdraw for political reasons, they will not stop the blockchain from changing the world. History has proved that there will be opposition to any change, which is not terrible. What is terrible is that as soon as there are different voices, the reform will stop abruptly. As a pioneer, Libra will naturally start with a series of risk issues, but on the whole, this is an attempt to make progress. I believe that his future is bright. More projects like Libra will emerge in the future. Risks and opportunities always coexist. At present, it is the early stage of the development of blockchain industry. With the progress of technology and the improvement of mechanism, more and more enterprises, organizations and even countries will participate in it, forming a general trend. Only by embracing the general trend and actively participating in it, can it not be crushed by the wheel of the times.

Compere: consensus mechanism is the soul core of blockchain, so for blockchain, especially alliance chain and private chain, cross chain technology is the key to realize value network. Combining with the cross chain technology of nuls, discuss the future development trend of cross chain technology?

Nuls Wang Zhijian: cross chain is a very hot topic in 2019, and many cross chain projects have emerged. From the beginning of project establishment, nuls has been determined to build a multi chain parallel and value exchange blockchain ecological network. The future of cross chain is very clear, which is to realize the asset circulation and information transmission between chains. In the process of implementation, nuls pays more attention to the definition of standard protocol, decentralization and asset security. At present, nuls has completed the design of isomorphism and cross chain, and the developers are working hard to develop the cross chain and heterogeneous cross chain of contract assets. It is believed that it will be initially completed and launched in the market by the end of the year. But the completion of cross chain support at the bottom is only the first step. What’s really important is to build a variety of cross chain application scenarios and create the demand for cooperation between the chain and the chain. Nuls hopes to fully invest in this work, and as a leader in the industry, practice the original intention of using blockchain to change the world.
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