Exclusive interview with mindspire huangzhipeng: open source duet of community governance and business innovation


Exclusive interview with mindspire huangzhipeng: open source duet of community governance and business innovation

Interviewer: Ma Wei, technical editor of segmentfault
interviewee: huangzhipeng,Director of Huawei shengteng open source ecology and head of mindspire open source community operation

You must have heard of the roast conference, but have you ever attended the AI open source roast conference?

More than a year ago, mindspire was officially open source. Since then, various innovative operation activities – roast conference and women in tech have emerged in endlessly

Developers are no longer hesitant about the high threshold of AI application development and are no longer rejected by boring documents. Mindspire has gathered a number of new generation AI forces in China by relying on its accumulation in the field of in-depth learning framework and various developer activities.

This year’s Oscar open source industry conference also set up a sub Forum on open source community governance and operation. Before the conference, we specially interviewed representatives of open source projects with unique characteristics in this field——Huangzhipeng, the ecological director of Huawei shengteng open source, and the operation director of mindspire open source community.

Deep learning framework is entering a new era of full scene AI computing framework

Si noWhat is mindspire?
Huangzhipeng: mindspire is an open-source full scenario AI computing framework of Huawei. It aims to provide a development experience of friendly design, efficient operation and simple deployment. It is currently applied in many fields such as medical treatment, finance and scientific research. It provides mainstream hardware support for a variety of scenarios of the end-to-end cloud, and provides in-depth optimization capabilities for the shengteng hardware platform.

Si noOn competition – what is the competitiveness of mindspire in the hot AI field?
Huangzhipeng: we think we should look at problems from the perspective of development. The development of deep learning framework has experienced the era of shallow framework and the era of general framework. Caffe, theano, tensorflow and pytorch are typical representatives of the two eras respectively.The deep learning framework is now entering a new era of full scene AI computing framework represented by mindspire

Mindspire community will work together to solve many new problems in this new era through open source collaboration. I believe that a large number of industry experts and new generation developers will deeply participate in this great change and become the main force of mindspire ecology.

Mindspire provides excellent ai+ scientific computing capabilities, including automatic differentiation capabilities, automatic parallel capabilities that can support hundreds of billions of dense models, high-order optimization capabilities, graph computing fusion capabilities, full scene collaboration capabilities, AI credibility capabilities, etc.

At present, the open source has only been open for more than one year, and the download volume of mindspire has reached nearly 600000. There are 2600 + community contributors, more than 5000 service enterprises, more than 100 universities’ teaching, wisdom and scientific research cooperation, and 170+ mainstream network models have been implemented in modelzoo.

Community > Code: a complete operational methodology and an international community based in China

Si noAs the first in-depth learning open source framework adopting open community governance in China, has the current community governance framework been improved? What achievements have been made?

Huangzhipeng: like the code, the governance framework of the open source community is in continuous evolution.

Mindspire community’s current understanding of community governance consists of three parts:Openness, credibility and diversity

Openness: mindspire currently hasTechnical Governance Committee (TSC) of 14 technical experts, organized by developersInterest group (SIG)andWorking group (WG)。 All community organization meetings requireOpen and transparentThere is a preview before the meeting and a recording screen after the meeting, which ensures the developers’ trust in the openness of the mindspire community, and in turn promotes the rapid growth of the mindspire community.

Credibility: mindspire community actively participated in the open source trustworthiness work organized by Oscar community and the Institute of ICT, shared a large number of excellent practices of community developers to experience SIG, became the only AI open source project among the first batch of trusted open source community evaluation certificates in China, and became one of the initiating members of the trusted open source community.

Diversity: we organize communities for local developers, university teachers and students, upstream and downstream enterprises at home and abroadMindSpore Study GroupAI enthusiasts from different cultures, customs, ethnic groups, professions and industries will be brought into the community family. For example, the most distinctive MSG · women in tech activities have organized local female developer communities in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and other places to better promote community support for diversity and promote inclusive community culture.

Si noSeeing that both online and offline activities held by mindspire have received widespread attention, and innovative forms such as roast conference have been highly praised, what methodology can we share with us?

Huangzhipeng: Thank you very much for your recognition of community operation! Our community operation has a set of methodology and system guarantee.

At the metaphysical level, it puts forward the value framework theory,Guide our specific work from the viewpoint of axiom and framing

At the specific implementation level, the community operation work is divided into four levels:Operation platform, community governance, open source cooperation and infrastructure

  • Among them, the operation platform is the top priority. With the thinking of model and product iteration, it aims to build a platform product integrating brand marketing, content production and communication, community activities, technical training and other service capabilities;
  • Community governance promotes open collaboration and innovation by introducing an open governance architecture, creating a credible open source community, and promoting a culture of diversity and inclusiveness;
  • Open source cooperation focuses on extensive cooperation with the existing mainstream open source communities and foundations in the industry, such as technical cooperation with the kubeflow and volcano projects of CNCF foundation, and operation cooperation with the open source operation manual of open atom foundation, which open source all community operations;
  • Infrastructure includes a large number of CI robots, developer experience robots, synchronous robots, CI clusters, and the construction of data-based operation panels.

Exclusive interview with mindspire huangzhipeng: open source duet of community governance and business innovation

Si no: how does mindspire consider international integration? What are the strategies and strategies in the international market?

Huangzhipeng: mindspire has been built from the beginningThe concept of a global open source community based in ChinaTo build an ecosystem with in-depth learning developers all over the world. Our choice of the domestic code hosting platform as the main warehouse reflects our foothold in China, but at the same time, by creating community engineering means such as real-time synchronous robots, we also maintain a mirror warehouse in GitHub that can develop and accept contributions, so as to facilitate developers from other parts of the world to participate in the community.

The open source community is an ecosystem for international developers to share, build and governTherefore, there is no specific concept of internationalization strategy and different strategies for domestic and foreign markets. However, the community attaches great importance to the cultural and institutional specificity of each region. Therefore, the community promotes the mindspire study group community for local developers to prosper the local developer ecology and carry out community activities in compliance through decentralized self-organization as far as possible. Through cooperation with global heavyweight foundations such as eclipse foundation and Linux foundation, we have also expanded the global developer ecosystem in fields such as AICE lab, lfai and confidential computing consortium.

Si no: what are mindspire’s development plans and goals in terms of technology and community in the coming year?

Huangzhipeng: on the overall level of technology, mindspire will continue to promote the development of the whole scene AI computing framework in this new era. In the specific technical direction, various organizations in the community will make decisions and promote according to the regulations according to the three-month version cycle.

Mindspire open source community will continue to try more beneficial attempts, develop our developer ecology in more places in the world, and increase the promotion of institutional innovation, striving to become the most professional and systematic open source community.

Open source helps business success, and business ecology is the value component of open source ecology

Si no: how to view the contradiction and connection between open source and commercialization? What is the current progress of mindspire in commercialization?

Huangzhipeng: there is no contradiction between open source and business,At the micro level, open source operation is an effective means to help business success, while at the macro level, business ecology is an indispensable value component of the open source ecosystem

Mindspire currently has many solutions in the most important industries of national economy and the people’s livelihood. Some practical cases include the AI quality inspection all-in-one machine scheme created by Baode and the cooperation with Lide space in high-precision map production software.