Exclusive interview with Alibaba cloud database for 2020 PostgreSQL Asia Conference: Zeng Wenjing


Exclusive interview with Alibaba cloud database for 2020 PostgreSQL Asia Conference: Zeng Wenjing
The Organizing Committee of PostgreSQL Asia Conference 2020 specially launched alicloud databaseGuest series online interviewIn the fourth issue, we invited Zeng Wenjing, a senior technical expert of Alibaba cloud database. He will bring “global temp table” to share during 11:00-11:40 of alicloud database training session on November 17.

Zeng Wenjing, senior technical expert of Alibaba cloud database
Q1: can you introduce yourself briefly? How do you interact with the PostgreSQL community?
Zeng WenjingHello everyone, my name is Zeng Wenjing. I have been engaged in the research and development of database kernel in domestic database companies. Now he is a database kernel R & D Engineer in alicloud. During the past few years working in Alibaba cloud, we mainly incubated RDS for PostgreSQL service and developed our own cloud native database polardb forpg. At present, the main focus is on the performance optimization of polardb and the research and development of SQL features.
PostgreSQL community is a good mentor. We have learned a lot of research and development methods and experience from the community, and have benefited a lot. At the same time, we’re trying to give something back to the community. When we encounter the features of user requirements, we will generally choose to check the relevant discussions in the PostgreSQL community and learn relevant experience. If the problem community is not repaired, we will try to repair it and contribute to the community after repairing it. If the relevant feature is in the community todolist, but it is not completed, we will first understand the development progress of the feature in the community, consult some details, and learn relevant experience. When we are finished, we may choose to contribute to the community.

Q2: when did you first contact PostgreSQL? How to embark on the road of product development?
Zeng Wenjing: I’ve been exposed to PostgreSQL since the beginning of my career, about 2008. PostgreSQL is an advanced open source relational database. It is the crystallization of the combination of theory and practice. It is worth learning from many aspects.
There has been a large number of domestic demand for the use of database, practitioners have been doing database kernel development work, constantly meet the needs of users. I started with the development of some interface oriented functions, and then went to the development of complex kernel features. With the advent of the Internet tide, Ali actively promotes the de IOE of IT infrastructure, and its own skills have a greater use, so he joined Ali.
As Alibaba completed its own IOE, the company decided to export its technical capabilities to the whole society in the form of cloud services. So I joined the RDS team of Alibaba cloud at this time and completed the incubation of RDS for PostgreSQL. In recent years, cloud native database has risen and become a new trend of database development. Alibaba cloud has also launched its own cloud native database polardb, so I also invested in the research and development of polardb for PG.

Q3: have you participated in the iteration of PG version function? What are the main contributions?
Zeng WenjingThere are some aspects of my own work that interact with the community, such as:

  • PostgreSQL has just released 9.4, when it supports logical stream replication, it has raised some bugs related to logical stream replication to the community.
  • Uninterrupted, participated in some bug fix and some feature discussion, including recovery module and partition table related.
  • Over the past year, I have developed a new feature global temp table in polardb. I have learned a lot of previous experience from the community. After the feature has been developed and launched, I am trying to contribute it to the community. At present, there are more than 300 email discussions, and I am still repairing some details.

Q4: how do you usually solve the difficulties in product planning or product development? What do you feel most proud (interesting)?
Zeng Wenjing: I am proud of my rich R & D experience with more and more features delivered and more complex. Because of the close division and cooperation of the team as a whole, I have made great progress in this team. As we all know, the development mode of Internet companies is quite different from that of traditional R & D enterprises. When you complete the requirement analysis, design and implementation of a large feature until it is released and launched, and then to continuous iteration and improvement, you will greatly improve your confidence and obtain a great sense of accomplishment. This will prompt you to continue to pick the next more difficult feature.

Q5: what problems are the new functions of core products of your team in the field of PG, and what is the current effect?
Zeng WenjingAt present, polardbfor PG, a product mainly developed by my team, is a cloud native relational database based on the separation of computing and storage architecture, focusing on OLTP scenarios. Polardb for PG has good storage scalability and computing scalability (read expansion write multiple read) and high Oracle compatibility. These are the main features of polardb for PG.
The high degree of Oracle compatibility benefits from the excellent infrastructure of PostgreSQL and a large number of Oracle compatibility features we have developed on this basis, which makes the implementation cost of de-o migration relatively low, and the migration cycle and risk are relatively controllable. At present, it has been commercialized on the public cloud for more than one year, helping hundreds of customers (including e-commerce, new retail and other industries) to complete the task of database de-o and cloud. At present, our products mainly focus on telecommunications, finance, insurance and other industries. In the tide of localization, we help more customers complete the localization of IT services.

Q6: how do you think database products will have more vitality in the future?
Zeng WenjingIn my understanding, the future will be a product level database that will meet the needs of the most users and will have strong vitality. On the other hand, it is also very important that if the product is to be applied on a large scale, it is necessary to build a complete ecology around the product.

Q7: do you have any plans for building product ecology in the near future?
Zeng WenjingIn recent years, Alibaba cloud has also focused on building an ecosystem of cloud services. At present, domestic IT services, including databases, are faced with a large number of domestic demands, which need a large number of ecological partners to complete. There are also huge business opportunities in this part.

Q8: finally, do you have any suggestions for netizens who want to engage in the research and development of PG products or technologies?
Zeng Wenjing: PostgreSQL is an excellent open source relational database. Many companies have developed better products on the shoulders of PostgreSQL both at home and abroad, and have realized great commercial value. At the same time, PostgreSQL itself is becoming more and more powerful. The research and development of database is challenging and promising, which is suitable for a long-term career. In the future, there will be a lot of demand (especially the localization background), which requires a lot of R & D talents. I hope more students can participate in it.

Alibaba cloud database special session of 2020 PostgreSQL Asia Conference
On November 17, 2020, from morning to evening, eight lecturers from the original factory will share their dry goods and live broadcast in Chinese online PostgresConf.CN & PGConf.Asia Alicloud database special channel of 2020 conference, looking forward to your joining!
Exclusive interview with Alibaba cloud database for 2020 PostgreSQL Asia Conference: Zeng Wenjing

About alicloud database
Alibaba cloud intelligent database products division carries all the online data and data services of Alibaba cloud and Alibaba group. It provides a full stack of database products and services from online transaction processing to online analysis and processing, and supports flexible deployment in various environments of public cloud and private cloud, and full coverage of individual developers, small and medium-sized enterprises and global large-scale enterprises. Alibaba cloud database service is the most reliable and efficient choice for both individual and enterprise business requirements. With the advent of the data age, Alibaba cloud database products are redesigned and implemented based on the architecture of cloud computing and data center. It is a global leader in database storage engine, cloud native technology, analysis engine, distributed processing, FPGA / GPU hardware acceleration, intelligent database, intelligent management and control platform, security database and other aspects. It is a comprehensive cloud product and service group Together, we have provided rich database product solutions and industry experience for Alibaba cloud customers and Alibaba Group’s diversified business.

At present, after more than ten years of application practice and technical iteration, Alibaba cloud has the most powerful and rich cloud database product family in China, covering five major sectors: relational database, non relational database, analytical database, database ecological tools and cloud database exclusive cluster, which can meet different database application development needs of users and solve the cloud of enterprise core business The key challenges of the project.

Core products
The core products include: self-developed cloud native relational database polardb, cloud native data warehouse analytical dB and cloud native data Lake analysis DLA, cloud native multi-mode database lindorm, cloud database exclusive cluster MyBase and relational database service RDS, non relational database service NoSQL products HBase, redis, mongodb, graphdb, and database ecological tools DTS / DMS / DBS / Adam Operation and maintenance platform DAS, etc.
Among them, polardb is the first cloud native relational database in China, which adopts the separation of storage and computing and the integrated design of software and hardware to meet the needs of large-scale application scenarios.

PostgreSQL Alibaba cloud database special session – nail communication group
Exclusive interview with Alibaba cloud database for 2020 PostgreSQL Asia Conference: Zeng Wenjing

about PostgresConf.CN&PGConf . asia2020 Conference
As the largest and most famous PG series conference in the world, pgconf is running in all regions of the world from New York to Moscow, from Rio de Janeiro to Johannesburg. The largest PG technology event in Asia – PGConf.Asia The conference will be held in China for the first time in November this year. As the host, PG branch of China Open Source Software Alliance hosted the conference, which was broadcast to the world through motianlun community. This conference will gather Chinese PG strength, major PG contributors and application enterprises in Asia to jointly build the largest PG ecological conference in Asia.

current PGConf.Asia The conference will PostgresConf.CN The conference was jointly held in China. PostgresConf.CN The China conference is also a global formal conference listed in the postgresconf conference sequence, and also the largest and highest specification PG ecological conference in China. Since 2017, it has been held for three consecutive sessions. This year’s conference will continue to be based on the domestic PG industry, providing the most clear and unique perspective for the audience.
Exclusive interview with Alibaba cloud database for 2020 PostgreSQL Asia Conference: Zeng Wenjing

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Exclusive interview with Alibaba cloud database for 2020 PostgreSQL Asia Conference: Zeng Wenjing

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Exclusive interview with Alibaba cloud database for 2020 PostgreSQL Asia Conference: Zeng Wenjing

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