Exchange 2013 learning notes 10: managing distribution groups


1、 New distribution group

1.1 on the exchange server DC1, click the windows start menu, find “exchange administrative center”, and then click.

1.2. Click “to”, select “group”, click “add” drop-down arrow, and select “distribution group”.

1.3. Enter the display name and alias respectively, and click Browse to select the organization unit. The owner defaults to the administrator and can also add other administrators.

1.4. Drag the scroll bar to add group members. Since only one fixed distribution group is set here, members are not allowed to join or exit the group by themselves. Of course, no other administrator is required to approve these operations. Therefore, the following two options are set to “off”.

1.5. Open outlook 2013, click “new e-mail”, and then click “to” to see the new information management department group.

2、 New dynamic distribution group

2.1. Similar to creating a new distribution group, create a new dynamic distribution group under the group, enter the display name and alias in the pop-up window, and then select the organizational unit and owner.

2.2. Pull the scroll bar, click “add rule”, select the corresponding rule according to your own needs, and click “save”.