Exchange 2013 learning note 8: mailbox Mobile


1.1 on the exchange server DC1, click the windows start menu, find “exchange administrative center”, and then click.

1.2. Click “to”, select “mailbox“, and then select the user to move the mailbox, and click “to other databases” under the mobile mailbox in the lower right corner.

1.3. Input the name of the new migration processing. By default, “move main mailbox and archive mailbox (if any)” is selected for archiving, then select target database and target archive database respectively, and finally click “next”.

1.4. Default selection, click “new”.

1.5. Select “yes” in the pop-up window.

1.6. Click the “Refresh” button from time to time under the migration page to until the status is “completed”.

1.7. Click the “delete” button to delete the migrated records.

1.8. Now go back to the mailbox page and click “Edit” to the migrated user. You can see that the mailbox database has been successfully migrated.