Exchange 2013 learning note 3: creating a mailbox database


1、 Create mailbox database

1.1 on the exchange server DC1, click the windows start menu, find “exchange administrative center”, and then click.

1.2. Click “server”, select “database”, and then click “new”.

1.3. Enter the name of the mailbox database, select the server, and then change the file path of the database and log. By default, check “load this database”, and finally click “save”.

1.4. Click “OK” in the pop-up window.

2、 Edit mailbox database

2.1. Select the email database to be edited and click “Edit”.

2.2 in the general page, you can see the name and path of the mailbox database.

2.3 in the maintenance page, you can select custom to change the maintenance time of the mailbox database. The meanings of other parameters are as follows:

1) Enable background database maintenance: the default check option starts the system automatic maintenance mode.

2) Do not load this database at startup: if it is checked, the user can no longer access this database.

3) This database can be overridden during restore: as the name implies, the database can be restored.

4) Start circular logging: if the disk space where the log is located cannot be expanded, check this option to cycle the log after it is full of disk space.

2.4 in the restriction page, you can set the mailbox capacity quota, limit and notification time of each user in the database. The meanings of other parameters are as follows:

1) Retention period of deleted items: refers to items such as mails, calendars, notes, etc. deleted from the user’s mailbox. If the user performs permanent deletion, these items will be retained in the database for a period of days. The valid value range is 0 to 24855 days. If it is set to 0, it will be deleted from the database immediately and cannot be recovered through dumpster; if the user receives the mail from the server to the local PST by default, it is considered that the mail is permanently deleted from the mailbox.

2) Retention period of deleted mailbox: refers to the retention period in the database after the user’s mailbox is deleted or disabled, in days. The valid value range is 0 to 24855 days. If set to 0, it is immediately removed from the database and cannot be recovered through dumpster.