Excellent Kafka GUI client, visual management tools and monitoring tools


Want to view the messages in the topic but can’t find the software, want to view or update the broker and topic configuration, and want to monitor the broker server status? Try the following Kafka GUI tool – Kafka assistant

Official website address:http://www.redisant.cn/ka

Connect to Kafka cluster

Enter bootstrap server and post to connect, and support various authentication protocols


The real-time monitoring interface can be opened through the dashboard button above to view the idle rate of the request processor, the amount of outgoing and outgoing bytes, the amount of incoming messages, etc.

Generate topology map

Topology. The string returned by describe() is converted into a topology map with one click

View topic

Select the topics tab to list all topics under the current cluster. On the right side, you can view cluster messages (filtering by time), partitions, configuration modification and viewing respectively

send message

Supports various compression types, ACK types, and can also be sent regularly

View and modify broker and topic configurations

More functions will not be introduced one by one.

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