Excel releases version 2.3.2, the go language excel document basic library


ExcelizeIt is a basic library for operating Office Excel documents written in go language, based on ecma-376 and ISO / IEC 29500 international standards. You can use it to read and write from Microsoft Excel ™ Spreadsheet documents created in 2007 and above. It supports xlsx / xlsm / xltm and other document formats, is highly compatible with documents with complex components such as styles, pictures (tables), pivot tables and slicers, and provides streaming read-write APIs for processing workbooks containing large-scale data. It can be applied to various report platforms, cloud computing, edge computing and other systems. Selected into 2020 gopher China – go star open source project (GSP) and 2018 open source Chinese code cloudGitee’s most valuable open source project GVP

open source

GitHub: github.com/xuri/excelize
Gitee: gitee.com/xurime/excelize
Chinese documents: xuri.me/excelize/zh-hans

On January 4, 2021, the community officially released version 2.3.2, which includes a number of new functions, error repair, compatibility improvement and optimization. The following is a summary of what has been updated in this version, and a complete list of changes can be viewedchangelog

Release Notes

The most significant changes in this release include:

New features

  • PivotTable APIAddPivotTableSupport default columns, multiple data sources, and related issues#710
  • useGetCellValueGet the value of the cell, support user-defined date and time number format, and related issue#703
  • Calculate cell value APICalcCellValueNew formula function supportANDCLEANTRIMLOWERPROPERUPPERandOR, related issue#701and#747
  • Data validation supports floating-point decimal interval validation rules and related issues#739
  • Create chart APIAddChartNew support for setting data series linetype width and line end type, related issue#549and#654
  • Create chart APIAddChartSupports specifying whether to close the legend that does not overlap the chart

Compatibility improvement

  • Improve line chart and Kingsoft WPS with more than 6 data series ™ Application compatibility, related issues#627
  • Avoid redundancy caused by style data inside the workbook in some cases
  • Dynamic parsing of workbook core data parts
  • Workbooks that support multiple rows in the worksheet to reuse the same row labels, and related issues#732

Problem repair

  • Fix the potential panic problem when the formula lexical analyzer parses a specific illegal formula#711
  • Fix the problem of losing worksheets when renaming worksheets with the same name#713
  • Repair some casesNewSheetReturn the problem of worksheet index error, related issue#714
  • Fix the panic problem caused by applying cell number format using non built-in number format ID under specific circumstances, and related issues#715and#741
  • Correction formula calculation engine data accuracy, related issue#727
  • Fix the problem of invalidation of copied row data in some cases, and related issues#729
  • Fix the problem that the default active worksheet is wrong after deleting the worksheet in some cases, and the related issue#735
  • Repair when usedAddPictureWhen inserting a picture into a worksheet with multiple merged cells, the problem of specifying adaptive size failure is related to issue#748
  • Fixed the problem of exception handling of merged cells when copying rows in some cases, and related issues#752

performance optimization

  • When streaming data, the memory usage is reduced by about 60%, and the related issues#659
  • Optimize internal methodsworksheetWriterImpact of runtime on memory allocation, related issue#722
  • increaseAddPictureAdd the performance of picture API and related issue#706


  • Unit test and document update
  • 3 new document languages: Arabic, German and Spanish
  • Welcome to the technical exchange group

DingTalk Group ID: 30047129

QQ Group ID: 207895940

WeChat ID: hixuri(please note: excellize)

Excel releases version 2.3.2, the go language excel document basic library

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