Excel release version 2.3.0, go language excel document base


Excel is a basic library for operating Office Excel documents written in go language, which is based on ecma-376 and ISO / IEC 29500 international standards. You can use it to read and write from Microsoft Excel ™ 2007 and above. It supports multiple document formats such as xlsx / xlsm / xltm, and is highly compatible with documents with complex components such as styles, pictures (tables), PivotTables, slicers, etc. it also provides streaming read-write API for workbooks containing large-scale data. It can be applied to various reporting platforms, cloud computing, edge computing and other systems. Selected as the most valuable open source project GVP of open source China Code cloud gitee in 2018, it has become the most popular excel document base for go language.

GitHub: github.com/360EntSecGroup-Skylar/excelize

For a summary of the changes, see release notes. See the change log for a complete list of changes.

Release Notes

The most significant changes in this release include:

New features

  • Support concurrent setting of cell values, related issue # 670
  • New API:SetSheetFormatPrandGetSheetFormatPr, support setting worksheet format properties, related issue ᦇ 635
  • New API:GetColsandColscolumn index
  • AddChartAdd chart API, support to specify Y-axis logarithmic scale, related issue # 661
  • AddPictureAdd picture API supports inserting picture adaptive cell
  • Increase the check for the maximum length of row, column and Workbook names
  • Formula calculation engine supports user-defined name, and related issue # 665

Compatibility enhancement

  • Compatible with different case document internal component path
  • The value of character cell is stored in shared character table, which reduces the volume of generated document
  • None in support sheetrAttributerowTag to fix the problem of reading the contents of the worksheet empty in some cases
  • Support XML tags with multiple namespace to be compatible with spreadsheet applications such as Jinshan WPS, and solve the problem of issue ᦇ 651
  • Automatic filter compatible with office 2007 – 2010 version of the spreadsheet application, solve the issue ᦇ 637

Problem fixing

  • Fix document corruption caused by duplicate filter databases in workbooks
  • Avoid generating duplicate style definitions when adding styles
  • Fix missing special characters in rich text
  • Fix the problem of using office application to open the annotated document and open it again after saving. The annotation shape is not rectangular
  • To avoid the potential runtime panic problem when compiling inline optimization parameters in some cases, solve issues # 677 and # 679
  • Fixed the numerical accuracy problem of getting percentage cell value


  • Fix the exception panic problem when opening an invalid worksheet in a specific situation
  • Improve the error handling in unit testing
  • Update of multilingual documentation website with simplified Chinese, English, French, Russian, Japanese and Korean
  • Technology exchange group

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Excel release version 2.3.0, go language excel document base