Example of shell script automatically building NFS service


This paper introduces an example of how shell scripts can build NFS services automatically. The details are as follows:

#vim /sh/zidong_dajian_nfs_fuwu.sh


#Test whether the network is smooth
Ping - C 1 > / dev / null**********
#Step 1: shut down SELinux and firewall
Setenforce 0 > / dev / null & echo**********
Systemctl stop firewall > / dev / null & echo**********

#Step 2: confirm whether the software is installed
rpm -aq rpcbind >/dev/null
if [ $? -eq 0 ];then
  Echo "rpcbind software installed"
  Yum install rpcbind - Y > / dev / null & echo "installing software"
Echo software installed**********

#Step 3: create and publish the shared directory
Please enter the directory you want to share: "dir
mkdir $dir -p >/dev/null
chmod 1777 $dir
Read - P "please enter the network segment to be shared" WD
Please enter the permission mode to share, enter ro or RW: "QX
cat >> /etc/exports << end
$dir $wd($qx)

#Step 4: start the service and start it automatically
systemctl restart rpcbind.service
systemctl restart nfs.service
Echo "NFS sharing service has been set up, welcome to use it next time"

Test: after the NFS server executes the script, first check whether the shared directory is successfully generated, and then touch a file in it for testing

The test side uses the showmount command to view the shared directory of the server, and then mounts it to a local directory of its own, and then goes in to see if there are corresponding files and check its contents

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