Example of how nginx implements if nesting


Nginx does not support if nesting and does not allow logical judgment in if. The following error will be reported:

nginx: [emerg] “if” directive is not allowed

When the business needs more than one condition judgment, it can be realized with the help of intermediate variables

For example, our website has multiple sub domain names on the PC side, while the mobile terminal has only one domain name. The corresponding relationship is as follows:

  • www.test.com –> m.test.com
  • sub1.test.com –> m.test.com/sub1
  • sub2.test.com –> m.test.com/sub2
  • sub3.test.com –> m.test.com/sub3

To achieve the effect: 301 jumps to the corresponding mobile domain name when the mobile terminal accesses the PC domain name

The rewriting rules of nginx are as follows:

#Is it a mobile terminal
set $mobile 0;
if ($http_user_agent ~* (mobile|nokia|iphone|ipad|android|samsung|htc|blackberry)) {
  set $mobile 1;

#Get subdomain name
set $prefix 1;
if ($host ~* "sub1.test.com") {
  set $prefix 2;
if ($host ~* "sub2.test.com") {
  set $prefix 3;
if ($host ~* "sub3.test.com") {
  set $prefix 4;
set $sign "${mobile}${prefix}";
if ($sign = 11) {
  rewrite ^(.*) http://m.test.com$1 permanent;
if ($sign = 12) {
  rewrite ^(.*) http://m.test.com/sub1$1 permanent;
if ($sign = 13) {
  rewrite ^(.*) http://m.test.com/sub2$1 permanent;
if ($sign = 14) {
  rewrite ^(.*) http://m.test.com/sub3$1 permanent;

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