Every year, it is said that “the most difficult employment season in the world”. It is not that it is difficult to find jobs, but that more and more complacent college students.


The following article comes from Liu run, author Liu run

Wu Xiaobo interviewed me:

In 2019, the number of fresh college graduates is expected to reach 8.34 million, another record high. Compared with 880000 graduates in 1999, it has increased by 848% in 20 years.


This year is called “the most difficult employment season in history”, and it is very difficult to find a job.

Why is it more and more difficult for college students to find jobs after graduation?

Of course, it has something to do with the economic situation.

But there is a greater logic behind this. Let’s talk today.

Share a set of data first.

I was born in 1976. In 1976, more than 20.49 million children like me were born in China. Spare change. I’m in that change.

Then, these children go to primary school, middle school and university together. step-by-step.

At each step, some people choose a different life path instead of continuing to study.

Finally, how many people will there be when we graduate from university in 1998?

1.01 million people.

Including 570000 undergraduates and 440000 junior college students. The other 19 million people have chosen a different path.

1.01 million, compared with 20.49 million. In 1998, the proportion of college students in the school-age population: 4.9%.

1998, very special.

This year was the first college student in China to study at their own expense and find a job by themselves. In the past, the state included tuition fees and distribution.

You can refer to the previous “old three sessions” and call 1998 the “new session”. Oh, my age.

What about this year?

This year, most of the 8.34 million college students in 2019 were born in 1997.

How many people were born in China in 1997?

14.45 million people.

8.34 million, compared with 14.45 million. In 2019, the proportion of college students in the school-age population: 57.7%.

From one college student out of 10 to one out of two.

What about the increase of China’s total population in recent years?

In 1998, China’s total population was 1.24 billion; In 2019, China’s total population was 1.39 billion, an increase of 12%.

The total population increased by 12%, but the number of college students increased by 725.7%.

The increase of college students is far faster than the increase of population.

So, let’s say something heartbreaking:

You should understand that more and more people think they can find a job, not that it is difficult to find a job.

What can we do?

So, we’re not looking for a job?

Many, many years ago, two students from Nanjing University came to see me. A junior in mathematics and a junior in French. I shared some ideas with them.

Share it with you today.


First job

It’s getting harder and harder to find a job.

So, do you need to find companies like Baidu, Tencent and Alibaba (once Microsoft, big four and Unilever) for your first job?

Not necessarily for a good person.

This is not because I have been in such a company, so I say so.

For the time being, we call such companies “giant companies”.

Let me analyze the advantages and disadvantages of entering such a company as soon as I graduate.


Big companies usually have this in common:

a) Good treatment;

b) Rigorous and standardized system;

c) Interpersonal relationship is relatively simple;

d) Superior working environment;

e) My colleagues are excellent.

For a newly graduated college student, entering a giant company is not easy, but also a good choice.

Working here for two years, you can quickly learn the way of thinking of some large companies (professional, dedicated, standardized, cooperative and passionate).

Your treatment will soon give you a comfortable life and give you a sense of superiority over other peers.

Your experience value will continue to improve, and you will gradually understand the operation mode, rules, restrictions, profit model, growth process, development direction, talent standards and other things that are very useful for your personal maturity.

You will learn a lot from other excellent people, and constantly urge yourself to strive for higher goals because of the excellence of others.


The advantages of a giant company are also its disadvantages.

The good treatment here will make you gradually feel that I should be worth the price.

But as a screw, once you unfortunately leave this company, you will find that you can’t find a job with the same salary with your ability.


You will overestimate yourself more and more wrongly.

Because it is a successful company, you will think that the business should operate like this, rigorous and standardized business operation and complex and active department cooperation.

You will think that the failure of some small companies is due to their lack of social morality.

The extremely complex and sinister business society will become simple in your eyes.

The simplicity of interpersonal relationships will also make you more and more naive and do not know how to coexist with people with bad morality.

The superior working environment will make you have a strong sense of dependence. It is difficult to return to the office without free purified water. You take all these conveniences for granted.

Colleagues are excellent, which will make you mistakenly estimate the executive ability of this society. When you go out, you will hate that many people are not motivated, hard-working and smart.

When you find that this is a common phenomenon, it will be difficult for you to accept it.

Finally, you will become more and more lazy and timid. You can no longer go out. Excellent people can only seek vertical development in the company.

Will you stay in this giant company all your life?

If so, it would be a good choice to enter as soon as you graduate.

Of course, the company wants you to stay here all your life.

If you think you can’t stay here all your life, the consequences will be terrible when you leave.

So don’t care too much about the environment, salary and other conditions of your first job.

Pay attention to the space to play and whether the specific things you do can better exercise a person’s comprehensive ability.

Even take the initiative to choose an immature company.

Then, what you can learn by exercising in such a company for two years will benefit you all your life.

You will understand how complex the real Chinese business society is, how intriguing the real interpersonal relationship is, and how cruel the real business goal is.

Then if you have the opportunity to enter the “giant company” at this time, you will be more qualified and competitive than many people. After entering, you will go further than many people.

When one day you have to leave, what you learn is a supplement to your previous failures, and you will be more confident to seek new opportunities.

Don’t care too much about the salary a few years before graduation.

When you are 35 years old, you will find it funny that your salary was low.

It’s a pity if you give up something more important for this funny salary.

Therefore, the first job does not have to enter a “giant company”.

Of course, everyone has their own values for reference only.

Who gives you a chance to practice

When the two college students who came to visit me talked about their internship experience, I sympathized with them.

They said that they called big companies one by one and asked if there were any opportunities for vacation internships. The result was a cold answer: No.

He hung up before he finished. Almost everyone is.

Who’s giving you a chance to practice?

It is good to have an internship background in a large company. What if there is no internship background?

Create practice opportunities for yourself.

The younger martial brother wants to enter a big four (consulting company). I don’t know how to distinguish myself from others.

I gave the following suggestions.

Find a hot topic now, for example, trump wants to build a wall on the Mexican border.

You design a set of questionnaires, very professional. Topics should be related to each other to prevent random filling.

Then, recruit a group of students to investigate the streets and alleys, and cover the appropriate population to achieve a reliable sampling rate, such as 1000 people.

When you come back, you start a series of analysis:

For example, “college students, workers, laid-off workers and other different occupations have different views on this issue”;

“Students in school, people who have worked for 3 years, 3-10 years or more have different views on this issue”;

“Adult (over 18 years old) men and women have different views on this issue”;

“Findings: people aged 36-40 have different views”;

“Analysis: why there are great differences in the views of college students and their peers who are not college students” and a series of topics.

Because your data is credible and the analysis is scientific, many people will believe that the conclusion is reliable.

Publishing this survey on WeChat’s official account or contributing to the mainstream media will attract attention.

This practice will undoubtedly be of great help for you to enter the four major consulting companies, because what they do is to speak based on survey data.

For example, I’ve been talking about giving lectures to migrant workers’ primary schools.

First of all, you should be able to find a migrant primary school, and others should be willing to let you talk.

Tell the effect, this activity will become a school level activity, and you will set up a “love society” to expand the scope of public welfare undertakings.

Your ability will be stronger and stronger, your social relations will be wider and wider, your vision will be wider and wider, and your ideas will be more and more.

Create opportunities for yourself. There are still many such opportunities.

The key is to jump out of the fixed mode and turn passivity into “initiative”.

“Active” is a magic word.

As long as you really understand the true meaning, you will feel unlimited opportunities!


Study abroad, School Ranking

Many people ask,Would it be better to study abroad? Is the ranking of overseas schools important?

These are two very simple and related questions.

Now many people will know that many people who study abroad just buy diplomas.

How useful is that diploma of “returnees”?

Too many people go abroad.

Most people who can’t get along well at home can’t get along well abroad.

After I came back, I was even worse off without a few years of domestic experience.

However, if you go abroad to study at Harvard University and Yale University, it’s different.

Because the people who go are elites. If you come back or elites, you will have good development.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a famous university or not. You always have to count from top to bottom. What’s your ranking.

When I went to Nanjing University, there were 60 people in my department. Now there are 160 people in this department.

When I was in college, the number of teachers and students was less than 10000. Now there are nearly 10000 in a grade.

In this sense, those 61-160 people were not from Nanjing University when I was in college.

In other words, universities have changed from “elite education” to “universal education”.

Please face this reality and don’t think there is much aura in the title of “college student”.

You should always count from top to bottom.

No matter how many years ago, no matter how many years later, China’s top 1000 (for example, certainly not achievements) will always have good jobs.

The enrollment of college students has increased from hundreds of thousands to millions, but the top 1000 never have to worry, because the opening is below, not above.

It’s good to study abroad, and it’s good to be admitted to a good university, but now the standards of studying abroad and a good university have been reduced, and you can’t ask yourself any more.

How far is the gap between yourself and the first in the country (not the result)?

Then, take this gap as the standard!

Work towards this goal. Don’t think that the employment situation is bad (the employment situation has never been bad!), but that the standards of universities have been lowered or that the requirements of employers have been raised.

If there are 1000 jobs in China every year (in fact, this number is increasing every year), then this standard has never been improved, but more and more people think they meet the standard.

Which industries have the most “money view”?

Some students asked, which industries are the most promising now?

In the rapid development of society, scientific and technological talents are particularly needed, while in the stable development of society, liberal arts and art talents are relatively needed.

In the long run,Science and technology is always the bottom driving force of social development.

This society will certainly encourage those who are willing to gnaw at real hard technology.

Therefore, the development of hard technology industry will be better and better, such as artificial intelligence, medicine, genetics, programming and so on.

The so-called hot industries may be temporary, but the trend of the technology industry is long-term.

Go to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, or a new line?

Some students asked, what cities should graduates choose to work in?

Go to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, or a new front line, or go back to your hometown?

Choosing a city is very important. It is like a container that determines how far you can go in the future.

When filling in the college entrance examination, we have a chance to choose a city. After graduation, we will have a second chance to choose a city.

Generally speaking, most people can only choose to reduce the dimension, and the opportunity to choose to upgrade the dimension is very small.

For example, it is easy for college graduates in Hangzhou to go back to their hometown in the third and fourth tier, but it is relatively difficult to go to Shanghai and Beijing.

My suggestion is that if you are enterprising, try to go to the first tier cities after graduation, and try to upgrade the dimension, but at least keep the minimum and stay in the city where you study.

If you are pursuing relative cost performance, you can choose a new first tier city, but try not to plunge into the third and fourth tier cities without considering the overall situation.

Every city has a network effect. The economic development of big cities attracts talents, talents drive the construction of supporting facilities, and supporting facilities will attract talents. This is a positive cycle.

Small cities are relatively isolated. For young people who have just graduated, there are few opportunities for learning and growth. There is a lack of excellent peers, parties, forums, etc. around them, which will slowly let a person enter the channel of laziness or even decadence.

Last words

Every year they say “the most difficult employment season in the world”. In fact, in essence,It’s not that jobs are hard to find, but that more and more people think they can find good jobs.

This is a cruel reality.

But we must face it.

Now universities have changed from “elite education” to “universal education”.

It’s not that you can find a good job after going to a good university.

Don’t think there is much aura in the title of “college student”.

College graduation is just the beginning. A new beginning.

You can choose to be a courageous person or a complacent college student.

If you choose to be a courageous person, count how far you are from the first in the country (not the result)?

Then, take this gap as the standard, work hard!

Because, no matter how many years ago, no matter how many years later, China’s top 1000 (for example, of course, not achievements) will always have good jobs.


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