Everspin MRAM FAQ


Everspin technologies, Inc. is a global leader in the design and manufacture of MRAM and STT-MRAM. Its market and application fields involve data persistence and integrity, and low latency and security are very important. Everspin MRAM products are widely used in data center, cloud storage, energy, industry, automobile and transportation markets, laying the strongest and fastest-growing foundation for global MRAM users.  


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Is everpin developing process / technical solutions to enhance its resistance to magnetic fields?

The magnetic shielding of everspin MRAM standard products has excellent anti electromagnetic interference ability in all conventional applications. Everspin will always be looking for ways to increase its resistance to external magnetic fields. As long as it develops qualified products with higher resistance, it will announce changes. Specific immunity specifications for any product are provided in the product data sheet.


MRAMHow is it affected by the external magnetic field?

The maximum external magnetic field that everspin MRAM can withstand without influence depends on the working state of the equipment. For the maximum acceptable external magnetic field, two different absolute maximum magnetic field specifications are specified. Hmax_ Write is the maximum allowable external magnetic field during data programming. Hmax_ Read is the maximum external magnetic field that can be withstood during read operation, standby mode or no power (no write) operation. Specific values of these parameters are given in the data book of all everspin MRAM devices.


Use magnetic tools around the disk

Can I use magnetization tools near MRAM? (answered)

A typical magnetized tool, such as a screwdriver with a magnetic drill bit, can be safely used around an unpowered MRAM without any negative impact, as long as the tool is kept at least one millimeter away from the MRAM device. Care should be taken to avoid direct contact with the MRAM package. As with any electronic component, it is not recommended to use tools near active circuits.


How does the magnetic field specification of MRAM compare with that of hard disk drive?

Everspin MRAM has absolute maximum magnetic field specifications comparable to hard disk drives.

What is MRAM?
MRAM is a storage technology that uses electron spin to store information (MRAM equipment is spintronics equipment). MRAM has the potential to become a general-purpose memory – it can combine the density of storage memory with the speed of SRAM, while always maintaining nonvolatile and energy efficiency. MRAM can resist high radiation, can operate under extreme temperature conditions, and can be tamper proof. This makes MRAM suitable for automotive, industrial, military and space applications, These are important parts for MRAM developers.