[event notice] December 27, Shenzhen: in rust we trust


[event notice] December 27, Shenzhen: in rust we trust

Rust has played an increasingly important role in blockchain development. It coincides with the convening of the rust China conf 2020 conference in Shenzhen, where rust developers from all over the world gather. Nervos foundation and secret ape technology want to jointly hold a rust technology exchange activity to talk about rust’s development practice in blockchain projects. I hope it can provide some references for rust developers interested in this field. In addition, I hope you can take this activity to communicate together and create more sparks.

The venue is 100 meters away from the rust conf venue. We will provide various dinners and drinks. You can come directly after the conference.

01 activity flow & guests

18: 00 – 19:00 admission + buffet dinner
19: 00 – 19:30 secret ape technology blockchain engineer Gao Yimin “rust and Muta development practice”
19: 30 – 20:00 Zhou Nan, blockchain engineer of secret ape technology, rust uses macro to automatically export service API
20:00 – 20:30 Secret Science and technology block chain engineer Luo Chao make complaints about Rust’s Tucao and chat.
20: 30 – 21:00 free exchange session

02 highlights

Gao Yimin’s speech will have a live coding session, which shows how to quickly develop a service on Muta, that is, how to quickly develop a chain. Interested developers can bring computers to operate together.

Muta GitHub:

03 time

18:30-21:00, December 27, 2020

04 location

Eco International Conference Center, digital park, Shenzhen, Guangdong

05 code scanning registration

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[event notice] December 27, Shenzhen: in rust we trust