ES6 syntax error of Vue project


Problems encountered during code base migration

1. Do not recognize ES6 syntax

Extended operators… Error reporting

ES6 syntax error of Vue project

… is the object expansion operator of ES6, which is not supported by Babel at present. A new package needs to be introduced to solve this problem. To install a Babel plug-in to translate the object expansion operator syntax.


npm install babel-plugin-transform-object-rest-spread

Create the. Babelrc file in the root directory

In the. Babelrc file, write:

    "presets": [
        ["es2015", { "modules": false }]
    "Plugins": ["transform object rest spread"] // unable to parse ES6 syntax key solution

2. error reporting

ModuleBuildError: Module build failed: Error: No PostCSS Config found in:XXX

ES6 syntax error of Vue project


Create the postcss.config.js file in the root directory
Write in postcss.config.js

module.exports = { 
    plugins: { 
        'autoprefixer': {browsers: 'last 5 version'} 

That’s amazing!!!

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