Es6-es10 knowledge integration



  • ECMAScript
  • ES2015
  • Classification of new features
  • Es6-es10 learning map
  • Basic syntax link integration

After two months, finally put all theES6-ES10All the knowledge points have been released. Here is a small integration, which can be used for reference later.
These things are printed out, A4 paper also has more than 120 pages, like a small book( ̄▽ ̄)/

Some things encountered online search and their own collation feeling is not the same, also hope that they can slowly have a writing finishing habit. Grammar is the basis, or to go through it as a whole. When you meet it, you can check it again. You don’t know where to start. So each part is classified and displayed so that it can be checked✧(^_-✿

RightECMAScriptDo some knowledge sorting


ECMAScriptIt is generally regarded asJavaScriptIn factJavaScriptyesECMAScriptThe extended language of,ECMAScriptIt just provides the most basic grammar.

Each front-end person is familiar with the formula:

JavaScript = ECMAScript + BOM + DOM


  • 2015The year begins to keep iterations of one version per year, and begins to name them according to the year.
  • Compared withES5.1The changes are relatively large
  • Since then, the standard naming rules have changed
  • ES6It refers to2015All new standards after2015Year’sESVersion, in the future to see whether it refers specifically or generally

Classification of new features

  • Solve some problems or deficiencies in the original grammar
  • Enhance the original grammar
  • New objects, new methods and new functions
  • New data types and data structures

Es6-es10 learning map

Es6-es10 knowledge integration

Basic syntax link integration






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