Equipment inspection management system to reduce cost and increase efficiency for enterprises


Equipment management is an important link in the production and operation activities of enterprises. The production process of enterprises is closely linked, and the operation status of equipment not only directly affects the production efficiency, product quality and cost of enterprises, but also endangers hidden dangers such as major equipment damage and casualties. Therefore, it is very important to do a good job in the efficient management of equipment and ensure the stable operation of equipment, which is the basis for enterprises to reduce costs and increase efficiency.
Equipment inspection management system to reduce cost and increase efficiency for enterprises
At present, most enterprises are faced with the following problems in equipment management, such as low inspection efficiency, non-standard process, difficult data statistics and so on:

  • The traditional patrol inspection methods rely on manual equipment inspection with the record book. The inspection process takes a long time. The records of equipment problems are not conducive to subsequent inspection, follow-up re inspection and timely solution, and the equipment operation can not be understood in time.
  • Manually record the patrol inspection results, alter them at will, and the page is untidy, which affects the viewing. Each person’s handwriting is different, which will also affect the viewing. Affect the judgment of patrol inspection results.
  • The traditional implementation method of patrol work management is to sign in with paper form or patrol management with patrol stick. It often happens that patrol inspectors are not in place on time, and they will find someone to sign on behalf of them and escape from the shift.
  • If there are many equipment and they are all of the same model, the inspection personnel will miss the inspection.
  • At the same time, multiple patrol inspectors carry out patrol inspection in different areas. Managers can’t follow everyone and can’t effectively grasp the working status of patrol inspectors. Lack of supervision on patrol inspection personnel.
  • The recorded data of patrol inspection is difficult to be centralized, and the patrol inspection data can not be analyzed and queried well.
  • There is no plan for patrol inspection, and the optimal patrol route is not planned first. The patrol personnel do not know what equipment to patrol.
  • The enterprise has a wide range of production equipment, prone to failure, and manual statistical processing is troublesome.
    How should enterprises solve various problems in equipment inspection management? The equipment inspection management system using the white code low code development platform can solve and greatly improve the inspection efficiency.
    The equipment inspection management system realizes the cooperation and interworking of multiple departments to manage the equipment inspection work and improve the efficiency of equipment management. It can reflect the operation status of equipment through patrol inspection data, and timely express the technical status and operation status of equipment after collection, storage and classification.
    The equipment inspection management system records the equipment operation status and monitoring data in each inspection in the management system, which is safe and easy to manage. With the help of the equipment inspection management system, we can make full use of the inspection data analysis to help solve the equipment operation and maintenance work.
    The equipment inspection management system realizes the dynamic management of equipment operation and improves the controllability management of equipment deterioration trend. It speeds up the collection, sorting and feedback of equipment information, reduces the workload of inspectors and improves work efficiency. Timely grasp the best maintenance opportunity, eliminate the occurrence of major equipment accidents caused by faults, and improve the equipment operation rate.

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