Eoapi – an extensible open source API tool


There are often voices of “complaining that a commercial product is becoming more and more bloated” in the community, and so are API tools. From the earliest tools that only do API debugging to the “behemoth” that integrates comprehensive functions after years of evolution, it is becoming more and more mature and less suitable for the initial group of users. We don’t need to use all the functions. Naturally, we will feel that the functions we can’t use are “redundant”.

We hope that individuality and commonness can coexist. Therefore, we decided to release this extremely lightweight API tool. The basic functions only include API documents and tests to meet the core needs of developers.

▲ what is eoapi? ▲

Eoapi is an open source API tool similar to postman. It is lighter and can be expanded at the same time.

Support the core functions related to API, and help you publish the API to various application platforms through the plug-in market, such as publishing to the gateway to complete the API launch, or combining with low code platforms to quickly turn the API into usable components.

Eolink opened the eoapi project in 2022. Eoapi is based on the industry experience of apikit in the field of API life cycle for many years, and hopes to absorb the best ideas and practices in the community through open source.

Eoapi - an extensible open source API tool

We choose to support plug-ins:It is impossible for every function to meet everyone’s needs. Adding functions to meet the needs will only make the product heavier and heavier. The plug-in system is different. One plug-in has one function. You can assemble the functions you want like Lego.

We choose to embrace open source:We hope to make our technology precipitation and solutions into open source projects and give them back to the open source community. We also hope to absorb the best ideas and practices in the community through open source, and jointly create a plug-in ecosystem with developers and enterprises.

▼ what is the core value of eoapi?


Eoapi supports plug-in system, which has two advantages:

▲ you can only select the functions you need and plug them at any time

▲ you can choose to develop plug-ins by yourself in situations that do not meet existing needs

Before the open source of this product, we precipitated a large number of practical scenarios of users using API management tools in commercial products, so the official will also release official plug-ins at a certain frequency every year to contribute the precipitation on commercial products to open source.

At the same time, we will provide corresponding documents, plug-in examples and a series of smooth developer experience scaffolds, so that you can quickly start to customize the “weapons” in your hand.

▼ target users

▲ if you want to quickly debug the API, you find that the desired functions of the existing API tools cannot be found, but the unwanted functions are highlighted.

▲ if you are tired of filling in duplicate API information on various platforms, for example, helping you publish API to API gateway with one click, eliminating the work of manually filling in routes.

Then eoapi is the right tool for you.

▼ function introduction

You can visit live demo to experience product features


1. API interface test

It supports the most common HTTP (s) protocol on the web, pure UI operation, and can obtain clear and complete API test information with only one click.

Eoapi - an extensible open source API tool

2. API interface management

It supports standardized documents, friendly reading interface and clear classification.

Eoapi - an extensible open source API tool

3. Plug in Plaza

This function has not been released yet, function Preview~

Need more functions? You can install language packs, import APIs in postman, swagger and other formats, and plug-ins such as one click synchronization to other platforms. You can always find what you need.

Eoapi - an extensible open source API tool

▲ roadmap in 2022 ▲

Eoapi - an extensible open source API tool

▲ conclusion ▲

If you are interested in open source, welcome to contribute, and we will create an open and interesting community together.

Possible contributions include but are not limited to:

▲ submit issue feedback requirements and bugs

▲ contribute official documents

▲ we recommend you to use eoapi or introduce the functions of eoapi

▲ develop an eoapi plug-in

▲ participate in the development of eoapi core code

Looking forward to meeting you.

If you are interested in our project, please contact us Github!

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