Environment configuration of JPA wrong posture in spring boot series


Environment configuration of JPA wrong posture in spring boot series

Environment configuration of JPA wrong posture in 191218 spring boot series

Back to the tutorial of JPA, this article is from a simple project that needs to read and write dB. I thought it would be easier to use JPA directly, but I found many pitfalls in the actual development process. This article is the first article of the wrong posture, the repository interface can not inject questions

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1. Configuration issues

A new JPA project combined with springboot can be easily implemented, but in some environments, you may encounter the problem that the custom JPA repository interface cannot be injected

1. Basic configuration

In the spring boot environment, you need topom.xmlIn the file, specify the following two dependencies


Next, you need to modify the configuration file(application.properties), specify the configuration information of the database

## DataSource


2. Case recurrence of injection failure

First, add a new table in MySQL’s story library

CREATE TABLE `meta_group` (
  `Group ` varchar (32) not null default 'comment' Group ',
  `Profile ` varchar (32) not null default '' comment 'profile is currently used in the application environment with the value of dev / test / Pro',
  `Desc ` varchar (64) not null default '' comment 'explanation',
  `Deleted ` int (4) not null default '0' comment '0 means valid 1 means invalid',
  `create_ time` timestamp NOT NULL DEFAULT CURRENT_ Timestamp comment 'creation time',
  `update_ time` timestamp NOT NULL DEFAULT CURRENT_ TIMESTAMP ON UPDATE CURRENT_ Timestamp comment 'modification time',
  PRIMARY KEY (`id`),
  KEY `group_profile` (`group`,`profile`)
) ENGINE=InnoDB AUTO_ Increment = 6 default charset = utf8mb4 comment = business configuration grouping table;

Then define the entity corresponding to this table

@Table(name = "meta_group")
public class MetaGroupPO {
    @Column(name = "`id`")
    @GeneratedValue(strategy = GenerationType.IDENTITY)
    private Integer id;

    @Column(name = "`group`")
    private String group;

    @Column(name = "`profile`")
    private String profile;

    @Column(name = "`desc`")
    private String desc;

    @Column(name = "`deleted`")
    private Integer deleted;

    @Column(name = "`create_time`")
    private Timestamp createTime;

    @Column(name = "`update_time`")
    private Timestamp updateTime;

Corresponding repository interface

public interface GroupJPARepository extends JpaRepository<MetaGroupPO, Integer> {

    List<MetaGroupPO> findByProfile(String profile);

    MetaGroupPO findByGroupAndProfileAndDeleted(String group, String profile, Integer deleted);

    @Query("update MetaGroupJpaPO m set m.desc=?2 where m.id=?1")
    int updateDesc(int groupId, String desc);

    @Query("update MetaGroupJpaPO m set m.deleted=1 where m.id=?1")
    int logicDeleted(int groupId);

A simple data operation encapsulation classGroupManager


public class GroupManager {
    private GroupJPARepository groupJPARepository;

    public MetaGroupPO getOnlineGroup(String group, String profile) {
        return groupJPARepository.findByGroupAndProfileAndDeleted(group, profile, 0);

    public Integer addGroup(String group, String profile, String desc) {
        MetaGroupPO jpa = new MetaGroupPO();
        Timestamp timestamp = Timestamp.from(Instant.now());
        MetaGroupPO res = groupJPARepository.save(jpa);
        return res.getId();

The next point is that when our startup class is not outside, there may be problems; the project structure is as follows

Environment configuration of JPA wrong posture in spring boot series

Let’s look at the configuration class and the wrong startup application class

public class JpaCaseAutoConfiguration {

public class ErrorApplication {

    public static void main(String[] args) {


Direct start failed. The exception is as shown in the figure below. The prompt is not foundGroupJPARepositoryThis bean, in the normal startup mode, will be used by spring to generate a proxy class for us; obviously, it is not generated here

Environment configuration of JPA wrong posture in spring boot series

3. Case analysis

The case above may be a little extreme. Generally speaking, we will put the project startup class in the outermost layer. Basically, the project structure above is not likely to appear, so what’s the use of analyzing this case?

A typical case

  • We put the logic of DB operation in a module (such as dao.jar )In the package
  • Then there is a module to start, which is introduced through Maven dao.jar
  • This is the Default scan range for the portal, and may not contain dao.jar Therefore, it is likely to lead to injection failure

4. Solutions

So how to solve this problem?

In the configuration class, add two annotationsEnableJpaRepositoriesAndEntityScan, and make the corresponding package path

public class TrueJpaCaseAutoConfiguration {

Then test again

public class TrueApplication {

    public TrueApplication(GroupManager groupManager) {
        int groupId =  groupManager.addGroup ("true group", "dev", "write correctly!!!");
        System.out.println("add groupId: " + groupId);
        MetaGroupPO po = groupManager.getOnlineGroup("true-group", "dev");

    public static void main(String[] args) {

Environment configuration of JPA wrong posture in spring boot series

5. Summary

Finally, when we find that the JPA repository cannot be injected, it is generally because the interface is no longer in our scanning path and needs to pass the@EntityScanAnd@EnableJpaRepositoriesTo specify

(because of the length, other problems are split into other blogs)

2. Others

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1. A grey blog

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Environment configuration of JPA wrong posture in spring boot series

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