Enterprise training camp is hot! Come and sign up for the cloud native and kubernetes actual combat of enterprise operation and maintenance training camp (phase 1)~


Introduction:This training camp covers basic courses and core courses in the field of cloud native learning. It is a compulsory way to become a cloud native operation and peacekeeping practice engineer. Through course teaching and rich hands-on experiments, the training camp will make the students have a more intuitive and in-depth understanding of the course theory and improve the students’ ability to deal with faults and difficulties.

Alibaba cloud global technology service department jointly launched the first phase of cloud native and kubernetes actual combat of enterprise operation and maintenance training camp with the developer school! Let the operation and maintenance practitioners have a basis and a path to follow, avoid the long growth path of low value, and promote accurate and rapid development!

The whole course is free to take you from 0 to 1 to get familiar with cloud native and k8s concept / technology / architecture. A variety of tools & learning materials help you practice and precipitate knowledge. More enterprise level operation and maintenance best practices are shared, enabling more practitioners to enter the digital native era!

Now the training camp is limited and free. Come and have a look

Registration time: November 26 – December 7

Class time: December 7 – December 30

Class time: 2-4 weeks every week, 19:00-21:00 nail group live teaching,

Opening quota: only200 people

Course content

December 7-9: introduction to cloud native and k8s Foundation (Experiment – create cloud native application from 0)

December 14 – December 16: in depth introduction to Alibaba cloud container technology (Experiment – Advanced Application Deployment)

December 21 – December 23: deep analysis of kubernetes cluster principle (Experiment – gray release)

December 28 – December 30: ack cluster management (Experiment – Pipeline deployment)

The course will be held inNail group live broadcast, the teacher will take you to learn the basic knowledge and master the practical ability in the way of combining actual combat with theory. At the same time, he will alsoIntra group Q & A

Teaching expert

The lecturers are Alibaba cloud enterprise service after-sales technical experts with more than 10 years of cloud native and k8s operation and maintenance experience. They provide expert services and online escort for large projects such as health code, head customers in the game industry, sports events and finance.

Sign up here

Registration link:https://developer.aliyun.com/learning/trainingcamp/gts/cloudnative1

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Participate in the camp and harvest

Improve the knowledge system and build a cloud native skill tree belonging to operation and maintenance practitioners

Four experiments complementary to the knowledge system enrich the sense of hands-on practice

Share the best practices of Enterprise Cloud native technology and improve the fault handling and troubleshooting ability of operation and maintenance practitioners

Welfare prize

Students who complete the punch in task and pass the test can obtain an electronic certificate

The first 20 students who get full marks will each get a portable Bluetooth stereo

The 21st-40th students who pass the exam (80 points and above) will each receive a set of computer cleaning kit

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