Enterprise Service Bus is not the end point, but also needs service monitoring guarantee!


Enterprise Service Bus is not the end point, but also needs service monitoring guarantee!Enterprise Service Bus is not the end point, but also needs service monitoring guarantee!
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In recent two years, with the rapid development of new technologies and applications such as big data and cloud computing, the concept of enterprise information management is also undergoing profound changes. Interconnection and interoperability around data as the core asset is the focus of construction. Taking the hospital as an example, for a long time, the hospital has mainly established business application system. As a result, the hospital system is numerous and complex, and most of the application systems are completed by different developers, using different technologies and platforms. The lack of a unified integration platform within the hospital makes it difficult to achieve a unified patient-centered perspective in terms of both application and data, which brings challenges to management and service quality.
With the advancement of new medical reform and the development of hospitals, the demand for new services and applications is becoming more and more intense. There is a lack of standardized definitions among systems, which makes it impossible to achieve information exchange among systems. There are great hidden dangers in system maintenance and interconnection.
Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) provides a centralized technology platform, which integrates effectively through standardized information interface, realizes the complete view of patient-centered, realizes the interconnection of hospital internal systems, and establishes a comprehensive analysis platform for scientific research and operation management. Improve the overall quality of hospital services, efficiency and resource utilization.
Lack of effective management of construction achievements
Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) is the basis for interconnection and interoperability of enterprise application systems. It supports mainstream open standards and norms, provides reliable message transmission mechanism, establishes communication, connection, composition and integration between application services, and provides support for service integration of legacy systems and newly built application systems.
However, new problems arise. Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) is constructed directly based on mature products. After operation, it lacks effective monitoring of the utilization of access services and the effect of service connectivity applications. If the access service application fails to find and solve the problem in the first time when the service anomaly occurs, it will directly affect the data base provided by the enterprise interconnection. Operators and maintenance personnel urgently need to understand the operation and operation of enterprise service bus from a global perspective, so that problems can be found and responded at the first time.
Effectively Guarantee Interconnection
Eastern Software SaCa Data Insight can establish enterprise service bus monitoring and management in an all-round way, provide a visual message monitoring platform, and provide real-time, dynamic and flexible intelligent monitoring for business services distributed in different physical locations of the bus. The functions of service message monitoring system include:
The functions of service message monitoring system include
Service status: You can view the running status of the service.
Service performance analysis: Charts show the number of services, business channels, calls, the fastest response time, the slowest response time and other information.Enterprise Service Bus is not the end point, but also needs service monitoring guarantee!
Channel performance analysis: The number of channel calls, the fastest response time and the slowest response time are shown in a chart.
Response Trend Analysis: Chart the response time trend.
Service log query: Provide channel name, time period query conditions, you can view service status, channel name, channel type, initiator, number of recipients, message content and other information. It also provides error log query function.
Abnormal alarm: Provide data abnormal alarm, automatically count abnormal keywords. When triggering the preset rules, the alarm can be pushed/displayed by means of short message, mail, etc. to locate the fault point quickly and shorten the time of troubleshooting.
Enterprise Service Bus is not the end point, but also needs service monitoring guarantee!
Eastern Software SaCa Data Insight realizes the monitoring and maintenance of enterprise service bus itself and various information systems of access platform, effectively reducing the time of daily maintenance and management. In addition, intelligent alarm and notification services can detect and warn potential threats in time to ensure the safe operation of enterprise service bus.
The product has the following advantages
Overall monitoring of enterprise system operation
Overall monitoring of all kinds of business activities
Logging and Viewing Support
Supporting audit logs and information transfer records, verifiable and non-repudiation
Notify the relevant personnel (e-mail, short message) at the first time when the problem arises.
Data Information Transfer Performance Report View

Eastern Software SaCa Data Insight can establish a comprehensive enterprise service bus monitoring and management solution, has served Taizhou People’s Hospital, Wuhan University Central South Hospital, Changxing County People’s Hospital.

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