Enterprise knowledge base construction? Open new thinking of enterprise knowledge management


Speaking of enterprise knowledge base, many people don’t know how to apply it in enterprises. Today, let’s follow the pace of Xiaobian to see worry free enterprise documents. With the development of cloud computing, the page making scheme based on enterprise knowledge management service has been accepted by more and more users. Worry free enterprise documents for the enterprise knowledge base, which is a page that interacts frequently with employees, requires simple operation, convenient retrieval and good mobile end effect experience. These services can bring significant advantages to enterprises. How to design a good enterprise knowledge base?
Enterprise knowledge base construction? Open new thinking of enterprise knowledge management

Five steps to create an enterprise knowledge base from scratch:

1、 Get feedback from employees and know what they need to know.

2、 Identify specific issues that need to be covered and pick out those that employees frequently repeat.

3、 Ensure that employees can easily find knowledge base documents.

4、 Keep the content of the knowledge base updated.

5、 Don’t forget the brand and make sure your enterprise knowledge base documents look right for your company and match its characteristics.

Worry free enterprise document is an online document management tool to meet users’ content writing, hosting and sharing. You don’t need to master the code skills of building a station, and operate like a fool. It only takes three steps to register, create content and select templates, and a good-looking enterprise knowledge base page will come out. The advantage of worry free enterprise documents lies in improving user experience and reducing labor costs. With worry free enterprise documents, enterprises can create a self-service enterprise knowledge base, where your employees can find timely answers to common questions. In this way, your employees can avoid calling or consulting on the same problem again and again, and at the same time, you can reduce the workload and labor cost of old employees.
Enterprise knowledge base construction? Open new thinking of enterprise knowledge management

Worry free enterprise document content adds a faster page response version, allowing more users to write content online in a more comfortable way. After selecting the template, you can build a simple and atmospheric knowledge base by adding content one by one. At the same time, it supports CBN page acceleration, which can help users find issues of concern faster. Beautiful templates, more free interface settings, through high degree of freedom interface settings, change colors and themes. With worry free enterprise documents, you can freely modify access permissions, so that you can decide who can view content, manage user roles and permission controls. Ensure that the knowledge base created by the enterprise is compatible with all mobile devices and browsers. Within the time limit, the enterprise can provide 24×7 support for employees, so that they can find useful information when they need it. Interested partners can experience it by themselves. Use address: http://knowledge.bctools.cn/