Enterprise cloud disk — File efficient management assistant


With the advent of 5g era, information technology has been unprecedentedly developed. The fast-paced and massive information can not concentrate people’s time and energy, and how to effectively use the fragmented time to work is an important factor to improve work efficiency.

Yotta enterprise cloud disk is born for this. It breaks the traditional office only condition. It supports IOS, Android and iPad multi client online office. Employees can use their mobile phones to view, edit and upload files at any time. It supports preview and editing of various table data, so as to realize efficient office at any time.

In the case of multiple people completing the same document, it is often in relay mode, and one file is completed and transmitted to another person for editing. This way of working takes not only time but also energy. Yotta chain and pan circle technology jointly developed yotta enterprise cloud disk. According to the actual use of enterprises, the same collaboration space is created in the cloud to realize multi person real-time online editing. It can also support complex formulas and characters. Users can also lock in specific areas that can only be edited by themselves, while others can only view them, which greatly reduces the possibility of editing conflicts. Through collaborative editing and file annotation, comments and news updates, employees can communicate and collaborate efficiently in the cloud, and complete online file storage, online file editing, file transmission and sharing in one stop.

  1. The document owner has absolute control over the document. The file can be sent to colleagues in the cloud disk or sent to partners in an external chain. You can choose whether to encrypt the file when sharing, the permissions that the other party can operate, whether to preview the download, and when the other party uses the external chain.

The underlying layer of yotta enterprise cloud disk adopts blockchain + distributed storage technology, all transactions are recorded in the blockchain, and the inherent dispersity and untrustworthy characteristics of blockchain ensure that all data storage transactions are safe, verifiable and traceable.

Yotta enterprise cloud disk provides enterprise data management and business collaboration solutions, which can help enterprises realize unlimited file storage, centralized management, efficient sharing and secure collaboration, convenient mobile office and large-scale improvement of work efficiency.