Enrich your log information: get line number and other information from Python call stack


Log printing or message uploading in the program, such as Kafka message, etc. Among the frequently uploaded messages, the file name, line number, upper layer caller and other specific positioning messages in the stack information need to be uploaded. Python provides the following two methods:

  • sys._getframe, basic method
  • inspect.currentframeIn addition to the recommended method, providesys._getframeMethod, there are more frame related methods

The specific use is as follows

usesys._getframePrivate method

The specific application methods are as follows:

import os
import sys

def get_cur_info():
        Get the file name, line number and the name of the upper caller when calling
        : Return: file name, line number, upper caller name
		current_frame = sys._getframe(2)
		return os.path.basename(current_frame.f_code.co_filename), current_frame.f_lineno, current_frame.f_code.co_name
	except ValueError:
		return 'unknown', 0, 'unknown'

See the inspection module results below for specific function output results

useinspectModule (recommended)

Compared with the built-in private method of sys, the inspect module is recommended. The specific usage of the inspect module is as follows

import os
import inspect

def get_cur_info():
		current_frame = inspect.currentframe(2)
		return os.path.basename(current_frame.f_code.co_filename), current_frame.f_lineno, current_frame.f_code.co_name
	except ValueError:
		return 'unknown', 0, 'unknown'

def produce():
	return get_cur_info()

def business():
	return produce()

if __name__ == '__main__':
	print(get_ cur_ Info()) # output ('unknown ', 0,' unknown ')

	Print (produce()) # output ('a.py ', 22,' ')

	Print (business()) # output ('a.py ', 16,' business')

It mainly depends on the inspect.currentframe method. See the help document for the use of the inspect.currentframe method

>>> help(inspect.currentframe)
Help on built-in function _getframe in module sys:

    _getframe([depth]) -> frameobject
    Return a frame object from the call stack.  If optional integer depth is
    given, return the frame object that many calls below the top of the stack.
    If that is deeper than the call stack, ValueError is raised.  The default
    for depth is zero, returning the frame at the top of the call stack.
    This function should be used for internal and specialized
    purposes only.

Returns a frame object from the call stack. The depth is an integer, the default is 0, and the frame at the top of the call stack is returned. If the specified depth is deeper than the call stack, a valueerror exception is thrown. This function should only be used for internal and professional purposes.

See the built-in library inspect.py for the implementation of the inspect.currentframe method

if hasattr(sys, '_getframe'):
    currentframe = sys._getframe
    currentframe = lambda _=None: None

Therefore, the inspect. Currentframe method is essentially equivalent to sys_ Getframe method

currentframe = lambda _= None: none is equivalent to currentframe = lambda: None, that is, the lambda function receives a parameter and returns none

reference resources:

  1. Python frame hack

  2. StackOverFlow-In Python, how do I obtain the current frame?

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