Enhancer form, the most powerful form component in the world


Enhancer form is a powerful form component contributed by Wuyuan company. Is the world the strongest? Has the final say:

Practical demonstration



  • 1. Arbitrary layout
  • 2. Enter the domain type
  • 3. Enter the domain binding option data source
  • 4. Form binding data source
  • 5. Form verification
  • 6. Enter a field binding variable or expression
  • 7-1. Linkage of [options] between input fields
  • 7-2. [value] linkage between inputs
  • 8. Enter the domain event response script
  • 9. Input using other window components
  • 10. Form internal button settings
  • 11. Input domain available condition settings
  • 12. Label text binding variable
  • Programmable API description
  • Description of available variables
  • Description of available events

Thinking: if vue.js or react or angular is used, how should the equivalent effect be achieved?