Engineer home LAN configuration reference


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Author: Jiang Hong

In addition to the computer, iPad, TV, PS4 and other common devices, the main additional configuration of the LAN in my home is a synology ds416slim NAS and two raspberry PI.

Engineer home LAN configuration reference

My raspberry Pie 3 and my raspberry Pie 4

About two years ago, I bought a second-hand ds416slim NAS for LAN shared storage in order to make use of some 2.5-inch hard disks replaced from my company’s old notebook. However, it has only 512M memory, and its CPU is very weak. It can’t run much except as a file server. Later, I added raspberry PI 3b and raspberry PI 4B to support other services.

Raspberry PI 4 has 4G memory and Gigabit network port, which can run more things. I use clash to configure the shunting rule and use it as the gateway of other devices in the LAN with iptables. In addition to running radarr, sonar and other services, Mount NAS for data storage.

I want to focus on the PI hole running on raspberry PI 3, which is very popular among raspberry PI users abroad, but relatively few in China. PI hole is a DNS server used to shield advertisements and protect privacy. It will shield domain names used to provide advertisements, track results, collect user information or have malware. Many people have used browser plug-ins to achieve the same goal, but because PI hole is shielded at the DNS level, it is also effective for TV and other networking devices, and more suitable for home LAN.

Engineer home LAN configuration reference

Interface of PI hole

In addition to blocking domain names, PI hole will also visualize the statistics of Intranet domain name resolution, so that people can better understand the network activities at home, such as the domain name with the most visits and the domain name and device with the most blocked times. Do you know that your smart TV is constantly sending requests even when it is turned off? According to the statistics of PI hole, I unloaded the video application of a large domestic factory on Android TV, and the number of requests at home dropped by more than 90%.

Engineer home LAN configuration reference

Most visited blocked domain name

PI hole also comes with other related functions, such as a DHCP service. If the DHCP configuration of your router is relatively simple and cannot meet some special requirements (like me, you want to use another device besides the router as the gateway), you can use PI hole to provide DHCP, so that you can control those devices that do not support manual network configuration.

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