End cloud interconnection 3.0 breaks the pain point of cloud native development


Introduction:At 3:00 p.m. this afternoon, Alibaba cloud senior R & D engineers will online understand how to develop efficiently under the cloud native environment!

Live broadcast theme:How to develop the cloud efficiently?
Live broadcast time:2021.05. 13:15
Lecturer:Nahai, senior R & D Engineer of Alibaba cloud
Introduction:In the cloud native architecture, our microservice applications, databases, message queues and other components run in the cloud. Because the local network and the cloud network are not interconnected, developers cannot complete the closed-loop R & D of development, testing, joint debugging and code repair locally. This live broadcast introduces the cloud connectivity developer tool, which enables local applications to access cloud databases, message queues and other components, and can communicate with cloud microservices in both directions. At the same time, it also supports advanced features such as multi person accurate joint debugging and fast link diagnosis, which can effectively improve development efficiency.
Live room link:https://yqh.aliyun.com/live/detail/23917
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