[emesis sorting] highly recommend the open source practical project worth learning on GitHub


It is highly recommended that GitHub open source practical projects worth learning, including web front-end, Java, PHP, python, Android / IOS, big data, blockchain, AI machine learning, data structure and algorithm, design patterns, etc.

Why do you want to write this article? A few days ago, I saw a new student in the wechat group asking if there was a company level Vue project for him to learn and refer to. So I sorted out the following long article, which was supposed to be sent last weekend, and the more I wrote later, of course, I also checked my efficiency. In the future, I must set a time limit for myself I have also maintained a project on GitHub for the daily topic of the whole web stack. Star and comments are welcome,Web stack every day!

HTML5 / Mobile

Recommended index: star39.8k

Recommendation: Advanced HTML5 mobile development framework. Help developers make incredible hybrid apps using HTML5, CSS3 and JS.

Browserquest recommended index: star8.3k

Recommendation: HTML5 multiplayer online game developed by Mozilla.

video.js Recommended index: star26.8k

Recommendation: open source HTML5 and flash video player. Support to customize the background color of progress bar, button and toolbar.

Swiper’s recommended index: star3.3k

Recommendation: speed up the conversion between touch slider and hardware.

hammer.js Recommended index: ★ star20.8k

Recommendation: a gesture library supporting multi touch.

Amazeui recommended index: star13.3k

Recommendation: Mobile priority cross screen front-end framework. For HTML5 development, using CSS3 for animation and interaction.

Recommended by team alloy

Recommendation: Tencent alloyteam’s mobile web solution for hundreds of millions of users is worth having!

CSS / Animation

normalize.css Recommended index: star26.8k

Recommendation: a customizable CSS file to make all elements presented by the browser more consistent and in line with modern standards. IE8 + is supported.

animate.css Recommended index: ★ star63.7k

Recommendation: a cross browser CSS animation library. Easy to use and easy to use.

impress.js Recommended index: ★ star35.4k

Recommendation: create exciting presentations. Using CSS3’s Transformations and transitions, this library allows you to create impressive presentations.

pure.css Recommended index: ★ star20.4k

Recommendation: a small, responsive set of CSS components that you can use everywhere on Web projects.

reveal.js Recommended index: ★ star49.5k

Recommendation: CSS3 based 3D slide tool. Can make gorgeous presentation and generate HTML format, it will be published on the web.


JavaScript style guide recommended index: star37.1k

Recommendation: Javascript style guide from airbnb.

Recommended index: star19.2k

Recommendation: Great browser side JavaScript library, resources and shiny stuff collection.

Mocha recommended index: star18.8k

Recommendation: a simple, flexible and interesting JavaScript testing framework for Node.js And JavaScript application test on browser.

Async recommended index: star26.2k

Recommendation: a tool module, providing direct and powerful JavaScript asynchronous function. Although it is for Node.js Designed, but it can also be used directly in the browser.

move.js Recommended index: ★ star4.5k

Recommendation: minimal JavaScript library, support CSS3 animation effect, very simple and elegant.

bounce.js Recommended index: ★ star6k

A unique CSS 3 animation for the use of key effects of JavaScript.

Recommended index: star41.5k

Recommendation: a super simple pure javascript web framework. Development of web applications for automating and simplifying real-time running. It can be run directly in browser or cloud platform.


Adminlte recommended index: star32.5k

Recommendation: adminlte is a fully responsive management template. Based on bootstrap 4 framework. Highly customizable and easy to use. Multiple screen resolutions for everything from small mobile devices to large desktop computers.

Genetella’s recommended index: star18.5k

Recommendation: a free background control panel based on bootstart.

Recommended index: star20.2k

Recommendation: a free HTML control panel framework based on bootstrap 4.

Recommended index of material dashboard: star8.7k

Recommendation: control panel based on bootstrap 4 and material style.


Vue element admin recommended index: star46.6k

Recommendation: Vue element admin is a background front-end solution based on Vue and element UI.

D2 admin Recommendation Index: ★ star7.7k

Recommendation: d2admin is a fully open source and free front-end integration solution for enterprise back-end products. It uses the latest front-end technology stack. The JavaScript file loading of the first local screen is less than 60kb. It has prepared most project preparation work, and has a lot of sample code to help manage the agile development of the system..

IView recommended index: star13.9k

Recommendation: Vue 2.0 management system template based on iView.

Vue2 elm recommended index: star31.2k

Recommendation: build app-vue2-elm based on vue2 + vuex.

Vue2 manage recommended index: ★ star8.4k

Recommendation: vue2 manage, a background management system based on Vue + element UI.

Recommended index of Vue manage system: star8.5k

Recommendation: Based on Vue.js +The background management system solution of element UI.

Recommended index of webapp Vue music webapp: star1.9k

Vue: Based on the development of family music.

Recommended index: star10.4k

Recommendation: spring boot back end + Vue administrator front end + wechat applet user front end + Vue user mobile terminal.

Netease cloudwebapp recommended index: star2.3k

Recommendation: webapp, which highly imitates Netease cloud music, only realizes the core functions of the app.

Blog Vue typescript Recommendation Index: star524

Recommendation: Vue + typescript + element UI supports markdown rendering of blog foreground display.



Recommended index of react native: star83.2k

Recommendation: a framework for building native apps with react.

Recommended index of react native guide: star15.5k

Recommendation: the react native guide collects all kinds of react native learning resources, open source apps and components.

Recommended index of awesomereact: star34.5k

Recommender: a collection of tools, resources and videos about react.

Ant Design Pro recommended index: star23.1k

A2: personal blog recommendation.

Antd admin recommended index: star6.5k

Recommendation: a set of excellent front-end solutions in the background.

Ieasemusic recommended index: ★ star7.6k

Recommendation: third party app imitating Netease cloud music.

Recommended index of react PxQ: star6.5k

Recommendation: a complete project and personal summary of react + redux.

React admin Recommendation Index: ★ star4.5k

Recommendation: react background management system solution.

Recommended index: star2.7k

Recommendation: This is an app for viewing GitHub’s most popular and hot projects. It is based on react native and supports both Android and IOS platforms.

Elm react native: Star 1.6K

Recommendation: is RN writing hungry? It has a high degree of reduction and achieves various kinds of dynamic effects.

Recommended index of zhihudaily react native: star3.6k

Recommendation: fangzhihu daily.

Recommendation Index of shopping react native: star626

Recommendation: an RN project of mall type.

Recommended index of react blog: star327

Recommendation: use react hooks + koa2 + serialize + Mysql to build the front and background blogs.

Blog react Recommendation Index: star256

A2: personal blog recommendation.



Recommended index: star1k

Recommendation: Based on angular.js , weui and node.js Rewritten news client.

NGX admin Recommendation Index: star19.3k

Recommendation: the Management Dashboard template is based on angular 7 +, bootstrap 4.

Recommended by starbur.6k

Recommendation: background management panel framework based on angular and bootstrap.


Koa recommended index: star28k

Recommendation: the next generation Node.js Web framework, designed by the express team.

Recommended index: star33.6k

Recommendation: collection of nodejs packages and resources.

Recommended index of node elm: star9.1k

Recommendation: Based on node.js +Mongodb build the background system.

Nodeclub: star8.6k

Recommendation: nodeclub uses Node.js And mongodb.

Recommended index of nideshop Mini program: star5.8k

Recommendation: Based on Node.js +Open source wechat app mall developed by mysql.

Nideshop Recommendation Index: star4.4k

Recommendation: nideshop open source wechat app mall server API( Node.js + ThinkJS)。

Recommended index: star1.9k

Recommendation: Based on react, node.js , go.

Recommended index of react express blog Demo: star1.6k

Recommendation: react + Express + Mongo > front and rear Blog websites.

Node123 recommended index: star3.3k

Recommendation: node.js Chinese data navigation, you need node basic and advanced information here.

commander.js Recommended index: ★ star16.7k

Recommendation: Node.js Command line tools.

Nodeclub recommended index: star8.6k

Recommendation: nodeclub uses Node.js And mongodb.

N-chat Recommendation Index: ★ star1k

Recommendation: use express+ Socket.IO Set up a multi person chat room.

N-blog Recommendation Index: ★ star14.1k

Recommendation: use express + mongodb to build a multi person blog.

Recommended index of node inspector: star12.5k

Recommendation: Based on the blink developer tool Node.js Debugger.

Recommended index: star15.4k

Recommendation: Node.js Teaching is not teaching.

Nodeppt Recommendation Index: star8.4k

Recommendation: using nodejs to write a web slide may be the best web version of PPT so far.

Hexo recommended index: star29k

Recommendation: a fast, simple and powerful blog framework, based on nodejs.

Ghost recommended index: star32.1k

Recommendation: Node.js Development of the latest blog system, simple and concise, responsive design, support full customization, free, dedicated blog.

Node.js Recommended index of technology stack: star1.2k

Recommendation: This is a copy containing Node.js List of learning and interview questions written by may Jun, Node.js Developer, certified author of moocnet.

Data visualization

Echarts recommended index: ★ star38.5k

Recommendation: a JS data visualization framework based on data operation documents, one of the most popular visualization libraries.

D3 recommended index: star89k

Recommendation: a JS data visualization framework based on data operation documents, one of the most popular visualization libraries.

three.js Recommended index: star57.2k

Recommendation: it is a third-party library of webgl written in JavaScript. It provides a lot of 3D display functions.

G6 recommended index: star5.3k

Recommendation: graphical visualization framework in JavaScript.

Front end others

Frontend dev Bookmarks: star26.7k

Recommendation: manually collect resources for front-end web developers, including animation, algorithms, design patterns, functional programming, etc

Front end collect Recommendation Index: ★ star4.9k

Recommendation: explore and move forward on the front-end Road, and share the excellent websites, blogs and active developers related to the front-end development that I have been paying close attention to for a long time.

Recommended index: star43k

Testimonials: the knowledge base contains many front-end interview questions that can be used when reviewing potential candidates. It is never recommended to use all individual questions for the same candidate here (it will take hours). Selecting items from this list can help you review the expected skills you need.

FKS recommended index: star15.4k

Recommendation: front end skills summary, including front-end knowledge architecture, back-end knowledge, Linux, book recommendation, etc.

Modernizr recommended index: star24.1k

Recommendation: Javascript library used to detect browser function support, can detect 18 CSS3 functions and more than 40 features about HTML5.

MEAN.JS Recommended index: ★ star4.8k

Recommendation: full stack JavaScript, using mongodb, express, angularjs and Node.js 。

Recommended index: star30.6k

Recommendation: an open source editor for web development using HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Ueditor recommended index: star4.9k

Recommendation: Baidu front-end team produced rich text editor.


Spring boot Recommendation Index: ★ star44.1k

Recommendation: fundamentally speaking, spring boot is a collection of libraries that can be used by any project’s build system. For simplicity, the framework also provides a command line interface, which can be used to run and test boot applications. Release versions of the framework, including the integrated cli (command line interface), can be manually downloaded and installed in the spring repository. It has the following features: create independent spring application, embedded tomcat, no need to deploy war file, simplify Maven configuration, automatically configure spring, provide production ready functions such as indicators, health check and external configuration, absolutely no code generation and no XML configuration required.

Recommended index of Java Development Manual

Recommendation: this manual started from Alibaba’s internal protocol. With the joint efforts of Java developers around the world, this manual has become a development standard generally followed by the industry, covering seven dimensions: programming specification, exception log, unit test, security specification, MySQL database, engineering specification and design specification.

Java learning + interview guide – javaguide Recommendation Index: star64.7k

Recommendation: java learning + interview guide covers the core knowledge that most Java programmers need to master.

Recommended index of Java design patterns: star53.6k

Recommendation: the most complete design pattern implemented in Java in history.

Recommended index of architect awesomes: ★ star40.2k

Recommendation: the most complete back-end architect technology map in history.

Advanced Java recommended index for advanced students: star35.3k

Recommendation: this series of knowledge comes from the Chinese cedar, can be used as Internet java engineer advanced knowledge, complete literacy. Before learning this series of knowledge, if you have no contact with MQ, ES, redis, Dubbo, hystrix, etc., I suggest that you can search the quick start of each piece of knowledge on the Internet, play with the introductory demo, and then start learning each piece of knowledge, so as to achieve better results.

List of Java resources initiated and maintained by akullpp awesomerecommendation index: 23.2k

Recommendation: awesomeproject is a magic project of GitHub. Awesomejava is a Java resource list initiated and maintained by akullpp, including: building tools, databases, frameworks, templates, security, code analysis, logs, third-party libraries, books, Java sites, etc

Open source distributed transaction solution based on Java Seata recommended index: star13.1k

Recommendation: Seata is an easy-to-use, high-performance, Java based open source distributed transaction solution, aiming to achieve simple and fast transaction commit and rollback.

Implementation of mall e-commerce system based on springboot + mybatis Recommendation Index: star26.4k

Recommendation: mall project is a set of e-commerce system, including foreground mall system and background management system, based on springboot + mybatis. The front desk mall system includes home portal, commodity recommendation, commodity search, commodity display, shopping cart, order process, member center, customer service, help center and so on. Background management system includes commodity management, order management, member management, promotion management, operation management, content management, statistical statements, financial management, authority management, settings and other modules.

Second kill system based on MQ, springboot, redis and Dubbo

Recommendation: this project is a systematic arrangement on how to implement the second kill architecture for high concurrency and large traffic. If you have not been exposed to MQ, springboot, redis, Dubbo, ZK, maven, Lua, etc., then I suggest you search the Internet for a quick start to each piece of knowledge

Data analysis open source system Apache Flink Recommendation Index: ★ star11.4k

Recommendation: Apache Flink is a declarative open source data analysis system, which combines the high efficiency, flexible programming and scalability of the distributed MapReduce class platform. At the same time, the query optimization scheme is found in the parallel database.

Springall recommended index: star11.4k

Recommendation: including spring boot, spring boot & Shiro, spring cloud, spring boot & Spring Security & Spring security oauth2.

A developer oriented im (instant messaging) system CIM (cross-im) Recommendation Index: ★ star4.4k

Recommendation: CIM (cross-im) is an im (instant messaging) system for developers. At the same time, it provides some components to help developers build a horizontally scalable im. With CIM, you can achieve the following requirements: Im instant messaging system, message push middleware for app, and message transparent Middleware in IOT mass connection scenario.

Alibaba Java diagnostic tool Arthas recommended index: ★ star18.5k

Recommendation: Arthas is designed to help developers solve production problems of Java applications without modifying code or restarting the server. With Arthas, you can troubleshoot problems in real time without restarting the JVM or requiring additional code changes.

Tutorial based on spring framework (and spring security) Recommendation Index: star18.5k

Recommendation: the project is a series of small and focused tutorials, each covering a specific development area. Most tutorial projects focus on the spring framework (and spring security). The following technologies are the focus: core Java, Jackson, httpclient, guava.

Human resource management system based on springboot + Vue – VHR Recommendation Index: ★ star12.3k

Recommendation: a human resource management system separated from the front and back end, developed by springboot + Vue. The authority management module of this project has been developed, and other modules are still under development. You can manage the relationship between roles and resources, and between users and roles.

To be top javaer – Java Engineer’s way to become a God

Recommendation: Java engineers become gods. Summary is very good, direct understanding of the end of learning.

Recommended index: star40.8k

Recommendation: Personal Guide for software engineering technology interview. You can find video solutions and detailed instructions for many interview questions here.

Java rapid development platform based on code generator jeecg boot Recommendation Index: ★ star8.5k

Recommendation: a Java rapid development platform based on code generator! New architecture: spring boot 2. X, Ant Design & Vue, mybatis, Shiro, JWT. The powerful code generator makes the front and back-end code generated by one key, without writing any code, which is definitely the gospel of full stack development!

The simplest spring cloud tutorial source code Recommendation Index: star11.5k

Recommendation: @ Fang Zhipeng “the simplest spring cloud tutorial in history” series, including spring cloud Alibaba tutorial, Greenwich version, Finchley version, source code, advanced version, D version, fanwai article, etc

Alibaba’s open source project fastjson Recommendation Index: ★ star20.2k

Recommendation: @ Alibaba’s open source project, fastjson is a Java library, which can be used to convert Java objects into their JSON representations, and can also be used to convert JSON strings into equivalent Java objects.

Alibaba’s open source project Nacos Recommendation Index: ★ star9.7k

Recommendation: @ Alibaba’s open source project, Nacos is an easy-to-use platform designed for dynamic service discovery, configuration and service management. It can help users build cloud native applications and micro service platform easily.

Recommended index of spring framework: star34.1k

Recommender: it is also worth learning with spring boot.

Alibaba P3C Project Recommendation Index: star19.5k

Recommendation: it is researched and developed by Alibaba P3C project team. According to the “Alibaba java development specification” into the automation plug-in, and realize part of the automatic programming.

High performance open source RPC framework based on Java Dubbo Recommendation Index: ★ star30.4k

Recommendation: Apache Dubbo is a high performance open source RPC framework based on Java.

Recommended index of Java design patterns: star53.5k

Recommendation: design pattern is the best formal practice that programmers can use to solve common problems when designing applications or systems. Reusing design patterns helps prevent the subtle issues that lead to major problems, and also improves code readability for coders and architects familiar with the patterns.

Recommended index of spring cloud Alibaba: star10.8k

Recommendation: a project maintained by @ Alibaba. It provides a one-stop solution for distributed application development, including all the components required for developing distributed applications. Users can easily use spring cloud to develop applications.

Recommended index: star18.5k

Recommendation: each tutorial covers a single and well-defined development area in the Java ecosystem. Of course, they focus on the spring framework – spring, spring boot, and spring security.

Service side project basic component cat Recommendation Index: ★ star12.3k

Recommendation: as the basic component of server-side project, cat provides Java, C / C + +, Node.js , Python, Go and other multi language clients have been deeply integrated into the infrastructure middleware framework (MVC framework, RPC framework, database framework, cache framework, message queue, configuration system, etc.) of meituan review, providing rich performance indicators, health status, real-time alarm, etc. for each business line of meituan review.

Algorithm java Recommendation Index: star20.4k

Recommendation: suitable for Java programming algorithm learners.

Google Java core library Recommendation Index: star35.1k

Recommendation: includes new set types (such as multi graph and multi set), immutable set, graph library and utilities for concurrency, I / O, hash, primitive, string, etc!

Stackoverflow Java Top100 question (translation) recommended index: ★ star4.9k

For readers of this project: 1. Consolidate the foundation. Top100 is an important and basic problem, and it is optimized and voted by many people on so, which is reliable. 2. Learn knowledge quickly. Compared with the original English text, the translation of this project has two advantages: (1) it is a Chinese native language, which can be better understood; (2) when translating, it will simplify the original text and integrate multiple answers, which will make reading more efficient.

Recommended index of javafamily: star3.8k

Recommendation: [interview for large enterprises on the Internet + learning guide] advanced knowledge complete literacy: covering high concurrency, distributed, high availability, micro service and other fields.

Java learning recommendation index: star3.3k

Recommendation: the author’s java learning notes. The content of the note is to summarize some basic features and programming details, which is suitable for those who want to understand java basic syntax and want to further study it. It includes blog explanation and binary examples, built with maven, learning by modules, involving reflection, proxy, multithreading, IO, set class and other core knowledge.


yii2_ Fecshop recommended index: ★ star3.6k

Recommendation: yii2 (PHP) fecmall (fecshop) core code used for ecommerce shop multi language, multi currency and multi import open source e-commerce B2C mall, supporting Vue, app, HTML5, wechat app, wechat app store, wechat app mall, etc.

Recommended index of awesomephp: star22.7k

Highlights: a selection of amazing PHP libraries, resources and shiny lists.

WordPress Recommendation Index: star13.3k

Recommendation: well known open source blog system.

PhpMyAdmin recommended index: star4.6k

Recommendation: web interface based on MySQL and MariaDB.


Recommended index: star78.2k

Recommendation: learn how to design large systems. Prepare for system design interview. Including anki flashcards.

Recommended index: star77k

Recommendation: a select list of Python frameworks, libraries, software, and resources.

Python recommended index: star64.5k

Recommendation: all algorithms implemented in Python.

Recommended index of ailearning: star22.1k

Recommendation: the most detailed AI learning route, covering the basics of machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing, etc.

Python-100-days recommended index: star73.3k

Recommendation: Python – 100 days from novice to master.

Tensorflow models recommended index: ★ star60.4k

Recommendation: models and examples built with tensorflow.


Android Recommendation Index: star8.7k

Recommendation: the most popular Android open source project on GitHub. All open source projects have detailed information and supporting videos.

About swiftui recommended index: ★ star3.8k

Recommendation: collect all the information released by apple and other companies about the new framework swiftui.

Reactivecocoa recommended index: star19.7k

Recommendation: GitHub’s Objective-C implementation of functional responsive programming paradigm sounds like a big name, and the learning curve is really steep, but it will definitely change your understanding of IOS programming, and it will be the first one.

Pop Recommendation Index: star19.7k

Recommendation: the paper produced by Facebook has a great animation effect, catching up with and surpassing Apple’s native app. Pop is the animation library of paper!

Recommended index of ioscodehub

Recommendation: ioscodehub collects open source IOS complete app code and keeps updating continuously!

[emesis sorting] highly recommend the open source practical project worth learning on GitHub

big data

Bigdata notes recommended index: star3.6k

Recommendation: a guide to big data A kind of ️。

Recommended index: star4k

Recommendation: including Flink introduction, concept, principle, actual combat, performance tuning, source code analysis, etc.


Awesomeblockchain CN recommended index: ★ star14.5k

Recommendation: collect all relevant information of blockchain technology development, including fabric and Ethereum development information.

Recommended index of cryptolist: star2.9k

Recommendation: selected collection of blockchain and cryptocurrency resources, including blogs, books, videos, tools and other resources related to blockchain..

Knowledge base recommended index: ★ star1.1k

Recommendation: This is the blockchain security knowledge base maintained by slow fog technology team.

Awesomeblockchain CN recommended index: ★ star14.5k

Recommendation: collect all relevant information of blockchain technology development, including fabric and Ethereum development information.

AI / machine learning

Real time voice cloning: star14.2k

Recommendation: sv2tts is a three-stage deep learning framework, which can create a digital representation of speech in 5 seconds of audio, and use it to adjust a trained text to speech model, so as to promote it to new speech.

Jax recommended index: ★ star5.9k

Recommendation: Jax is a high-performance machine learning research tool with autograd and XLA, which is contributed by Google. Many people say that Jax is a replacement for TF, which is simpler and easier to use.

Adanet recommended index: ★ star2.9k

Recommendation: adanet is a lightweight framework based on tensorflow. The general framework provided by adanet can be used not only to learn neural network architecture, but also to learn integration to obtain better models.

Mediapipe Recommendation Index: ★ star4k

Recommendation: mediapipe is a multimedia machine learning model application framework developed by Google research and open source. Mediapipe has been deeply integrated into a series of important Google products such as youtube, Google lens, arcore, Google home and nest.

Detectron2 recommended index: ★ star6.6k

Recommendation: detectron 2 is developed by Facebook based on pytorch framework, which completely rewrites detectron based on maskrcnn benchmark. With the new modular design, detectron2 is flexible and scalable, and can provide faster training on single or multiple GPU servers.

Pytext recommended index: ★ star5.6k

Recommendation: pytext is a NLP modeling (based on deep learning) framework based on pytorch, and its core functions can support neural network models such as text classification and sequence annotation. Pytext can simplify workflow, accelerate testing, and facilitate large-scale deployment.

NNI recommended index: star3.8k

Recommendation: NNI is a toolkit for automatic machine learning (automl). It searches the best neural network structure and (or) hyperparameters through a variety of optimization algorithms, and supports different operating environments such as single machine, local multi machine and cloud.

Ludwig’s recommended index: star6.6k

Recommendation: a tensorflow based toolbox can train and test deep learning models without writing code. It can help developers better understand the ability of deep learning, and promote the rapid iteration of the model. For AI experts, Ludwig simplifies prototyping and data processing, allowing them to focus on developing deep learning model architectures.

Recommended index: star1.9k

Recommendation: Euler is a large-scale distributed graph learning framework, with tensorflow or Alibaba’s XDL open-source deep learning tools. Euler adopts the design concept of hierarchical flexible scalable design, large-scale high-performance heterogeneous graph learning, flexible and diverse graph algorithm support, and general GNN training acceleration. It supports Graph Segmentation and efficient and stable distributed training, and can easily support the computing scale of billions of points and tens of billions of edges.

Recommended index: star3.1k

Recommendation: x-deep learning (XDL) is a set of solutions for deep optimization of high-dimensional sparse data scenarios (such as advertising / recommendation / search). The new framework XDL optimizes the high-dimensional and sparse scene characteristics of Alima’s business data.

MNN Recommendation Index: star3.2k

Recommendation: MNN is a lightweight deep neural network inference engine, which loads deep neural network model on the end side for inference and prediction. At present, MNN has been used in more than 20 apps of Alibaba, such as Taobao, tmall and Youku, covering live broadcast, short video, search recommendation, commodity image search, interactive marketing, rights distribution, security risk control and other scenarios. In addition, there are several applications in IOT and other scenarios.

Recommended index: star5.5k

Recommendation: Tencent Angel 3.0 tries to build a full stack machine learning platform. Its functional features cover all stages of machine learning: Feature Engineering, model training, super parameter adjustment and model service.

Recommended index: star3.2k

Recommendation: byteps is a high-performance general distributed training framework released this year. It supports tensorflow, keras, pytorch and mxnet, and can run on TCP or RDMA networks. Byteps is superior to the existing open source distributed training framework.

Mmdetection: star7.7k

Recommendation: the Chinese University of Hong Kong Shangtang joint laboratory has developed a pytorch based detection library mmdetection. This open source library provides a variety of visual inspection core modules that have been published. Through the combination of these modules, we can quickly build a variety of well-known detection frameworks, such as fast RCNN, mask RCNN, and r-fcn and other new frameworks, so as to greatly speed up the efficiency of detection technology research.

Recommended index: star2.9k

Recommendation: pysot target tracking library implements several single target tracking algorithms of SOTA, including siamrpn and siammask. Pysot is written in Python and implemented based on pytorch framework. At the same time, the project also includes a python interface for evaluating tracker.

Tensor network recommended index: ★ star1.1k

Recommendation: Google x lab and researchers from the Perimeter Institute for theoretical physics in Canada have jointly developed tensornetwork, which takes tensorflow as the back end and optimizes GPU processing. Compared with the CPU, it can achieve 100 times acceleration. This is a new open source library designed to improve the efficiency of tensor computation.

Lingvo Recommendation Index: ★ star1.8k

Recommendation: lingvo is a distributed machine learning library, which uses synchronous random gradient descent and pipeline parallel technology for training. It is suitable for any DNN composed of multiple sequence layers. Importantly, lingvo allows researchers to easily deploy more accelerators without adjusting the hyperparameters, thus training larger models and scaling performance.

open_ Spiel recommended index: star1.8k

Recommendation: openspiel is a series of environments and algorithms for general reinforcement learning and search / Planning in games. Openspiel aims to promote general Multi-Agent Reinforcement learning across a variety of different game types in a similar way to general games, but with an emphasis on learning rather than competitive forms. The current version of openspiel includes different types of implementations of more than 20 games (perfect information, synchronous movement, imperfect information, grid World Games, game games, and some common forms / matrix games).

Data structure / algorithm

Recommended index of leetcodeanimation: star45.9k

Recommendation: demonstrate all the questions on leetcode in the form of animation.

Recommended index: star20.5k

Recommendation: all algorithms implemented in Java.

Design patterns

Design patterns for humans CN recommended index: ★ star1.4k

Recommendation: Chinese version of design patterns for humans. After reading this book, I believe you will have a qualitative breakthrough in software design patterns.

Other comprehensive

Public APIs recommended index: star67.6k

Recommendation: a summary list of free APIs for software and web development.

2048 game Recommendation Index: star10.3k

Recommendation: a small clone 1024 based on saming’s 2048.

Cat recommended index: star12.3k

Recommendation: as the basic component of server-side project, cat provides Java, C / C + +, Node.js , Python, Go and other multi language clients have been deeply integrated into the infrastructure middleware framework (MVC framework, RPC framework, database framework, cache framework, message queue, configuration system, etc.) of meituan review, providing rich performance indicators, health status, real-time alarm, etc. for each business line of meituan review.

Recommended index: star4.4k

Recommendation: Wildfire IM is a cross platform, open source instant messaging solution with core functions.

Crash course computer science Chinese recommended index: star4.3k

Recommendation: “computer science crash course”, this course gained 6.1 W + collection, 1.3 W + praise, 1.3 W + coin on station B. There are also 4.3K + star on GitHub, which is a proper super popular course!


Recommendation: from the name, it is mainly for students, but in fact, the above content can also be applied to ordinary programmers. This material mainly includes the following contents: programming learning resources, hacker marathon and other activities, student welfare plan, open source projects, entrepreneurship projects and incubators, intern resources, offline developers gathering, technology conference, noteworthy technicians and websites.

Recommendation Index of YuQue it encyclopedia knowledge base

Recommendation: the knowledge base covers many Internet technology fields (such as front-end, back-end, algorithm, machine learning, etc.) and has certain learning and reference value. It is a good learning material for those who want to devote themselves to Internet development.

Recommended index of coding interview University: star95k

Recommendation: this guide contains Google related video, interview process, teaching resources, as well as computer professional knowledge such as data structure, algorithm and cryptography. Nuggets translation team has translated the guide into Chinese for the convenience of domestic developers. https://github.com/jwasham/coding-interview-university/blob/master/translations/README-cn.md 。

Fiora recommended index: star3.2k

Recommendation: fiora is an interesting online chat application. be based on node.js , mongodb, socket.io And react.

Recommended index: star28k

Recommendation: this material mainly summarizes a series of programming tutorials to teach you how to build an application from scratch, including C, C + +, Java, PHP, JavaScript, Python and other mainstream programming language tutorials.

Build-your-own-x recommended index: star57.2k

Recommendation: the warehouse collects many tutorial resources in the field of computer science, aiming to teach developers to build a development tool of their own from scratch, including augmented reality, blockchain, robot, editor, command-line tool, neural network, operating system, etc.

Computer science recommended index: star57.2k

Recommendation: all contents in the warehouse are online courses, which are basically free. The course is for undergraduates (computer major or computer minor), or people who graduated from non computer science major. Of course, learners only need to have a high school mathematics foundation to start.

Open source Daniel

Recommended index: star53.3k

Recommendation: front end lightweight framework MVVM framework vue.js By a former Google engineer.

TJ holowaychuk’s recommended index: star41.6k

Recommendation: koa, Co, express, jade, mocha, node canvas commander.js And other well-known open source project creators and contributors.

Recommended index: star28.4k

Highlight: he is a famous front-end development engineer. He is also a member of chrome developer relationship team, jQuery team, and leader developer of modernizr, yeoman, CSS3 please and HTML5 boilerplate.

Mike Bostock’s recommended index: star20k

Recommendation: main author of famous visualization library d3.js.

Nicolas Gallagher’s recommended index: star37.1k

Recommendation: Normalize.css Author.

Recommended index: star12k

Recommendation: Avalon, the front-end Mini MVVM framework.

Excellent front end team

1. Taobao front end team (FED)

website: http://taobaofed.org/

Alibaba Taobao front-end team website, a group of people who advocate geek spirit are using technology to provide unlimited possibilities for experience. Here, it can involve wireless, full stack, engineering, security, architecture and other technologies.

2. Fex Baidu front end R & D department

website: http://fex.baidu.com/

Fex is the internal name of Baidu’s “web front-end R & D department”. Fe is the abbreviation of front end. X means that we not only pay attention to front-end technology, but also pay more attention to the capability of full end and full stack.

GitHub address: https://github.com/fex-team

3. Alloy team Tencent web front end team

website: http://www.alloyteam.com/

GitHub address: https://github.com/AlloyTeam

Tencent web front-end team alloy team, originated from Tencent webqq team established in 2008, is committed to the research of Web front-end technology, is keen on HTML5 and mobile web technology, and develops various interesting open-source projects with the coolest new technologies.

4. Dance Troupe

website: https://75team.com/

Qihu 75team is a front-end team composed of front-end engineers and some special guests of Qihu 360’s Web Platform Department. Many open source projects and products are produced here, such as thinkjs Node.js MVC framework, Zhongcheng translation – a friendly translation platform.

5. Concave convex Laboratory

website: https://aotu.io/

Bump Lab( Aotu.io Founded in October 2015, O2 is a young technology team.

O2 is oriented to multi terminal technology system, and is committed to building precipitation and sharing, including but not limited to interaction, page making skills, front-end development, native app development and other professional knowledge and cases.

6. Where does ymfe go to big front end technology center

Website: https://ymfe.org/

Qunar large front end technology center (ymfe) is composed of Fe, IOS and Android engineers. Qunar’s most imaginative, creative and influential big front-end team is committed to providing integrated mobile development solutions for business development, and striving to improve the development efficiency and use experience of various product lines on the mobile terminal.

7. JDC Jingdong Design Center

website: http://jdc.jd.com/

Jingdong’s user experience design team shares ur user research, ID interaction design, VD visual design, and FD front-end development

Are you hungry? Front end

website: https://fe.ele.me

Are you hungry? The URL of the front end is redirected to the column on Zhihu https://zhuanlan.zhihu.com/ElemeFE They also open source a lot of good things on GitHub.

9. Ctrip UED

website: http://ued.ctrip.com/

Based on the overall concept of Ctrip’s product design, Ctrip ued team establishes detailed product design specifications, promotes design improvement through user research, and optimizes interaction, vision and product experience.

10. Meituan front end

website: https://tech.meituan.com/

The front-end team of meituan has developed rapidly in recent years. The former front-end team has been transformed into a large front-end team covering web, IOS and Android.

The GitHub address of the top 10 front-end teams in China only found Tencent and Baidu. The others have not been found for the time being. Welcome to add. Other open source projects of language technology are also welcome to add in the comments.

[emesis sorting] highly recommend the open source practical project worth learning on GitHub

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[emesis sorting] highly recommend the open source practical project worth learning on GitHub

[emesis sorting] highly recommend the open source practical project worth learning on GitHub