EmacsTalk 2021 Year-End Review


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Time Flies!


EmacsTalk was launched on 2021-06-26, it has been half a year, and New Year’s Day is approaching, it is time to do a year-end review. Let’s take a look at the data for this half year:

  • Podcast: Issue 9
  • Tips Articles: Issue 13
  • Website PV: 13450
  • Website UV: 10758
  • Number of official account subscriptions: 866
  • Power Generation Sponsor: ¥500 (Thanks to these enthusiastic listeners for power generation)

EmacsTalk 2021 Year-End Review

At the beginning of the show, the main purpose is to produce podcasts. On the one hand, it is novel and enthusiastic. On the other hand, I know that as time progresses, the rhythm of the show will definitely slow down. Knowing something about this podcast can be regarded as a foothold in the market.

The fastest time was recorded on the same day, and the clip was released the next day. The production time of a one-hour podcast generally takes 3-4 hours, but listening to podcasts is very fast. I usually listen to podcasts at double speed, and I usually listen to them in my spare time, so there is no concept of time.

After 9 episodes, just in time for Double Eleven, there will be more work to do, so I plan to relax for a while, and then continue until now. During this period, I have been writing articles on how to use it. Emacs is so amazing that even after using it for 5 years, I can still find new uses from time to time.

data analysis

With the help of platforms such as Baidu and WeChat, we can roughly see the portraits of EmacsTalk’s audience. I think it is quite interesting. I will share it with you here.

Most Popular Guest

ranking Baidu Statistics Google Statistics microcosm WeChat public account
1 leader bee Chen Bin Chen Bin Kathy
2 Chen Bin Kathy leader bee leader bee
3 tumashu stardiviner Kathy Chen Bin

Congratulations to the above-mentioned TOP3 guests, but the data does not represent everything. Affected by various factors (the early guests are obviously at a disadvantage), the content of other guests is also full of “wet goods”. Here I would like to thank all the guests for their full support. ❤️️

EmacsTalk 2021 Year-End Review

Audience area distribution

EmacsTalk 2021 Year-End Review

EmacsTalk 2021 Year-End Review


In the new year, in addition to the existing interview mode podcast, I thought I could find another anchor to discuss some recent trends in Emacs with me, because after subscribing to the emacs-devel mailing list, I found that there are many interesting discussions in it . The content of the mailing list is easy to be buried, so if someone can regularly share the valuable and interesting content in it, I think it will be a very meaningful thing. If any listeners and readers are interested in this matter, welcome Contact me.

In addition, if another anchor can be found, the update frequency of the show can be better guaranteed.

Finally, set a new year’s goal. I hope to complete 12 podcast episodes and 30 articles on how to use it in 2022.

Happy New Year to all readers and listeners, Make Emacs Great Again!

Original address:https://emacstalk.github.io/p…

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