Elisp debugging skills record in spacemacs



Because I want to write latex in org mode, but the preview latex in org mode is not very friendly,

New plug insorg-latex-impatientOpen issues running on windows (solutions available)

So I can only toss about this plug-in by myself
Record the learning of this process to the point about elisp debugging

Commissioning record

First of all, I have forgotten something about elisp debugging in spacemacs documentsDebugging Elisp

  • amongSPC m d fThis shortcut key is used to debug several details of the function

    1. If you copy the file (usually a file) of the package after the package has been installed, and you use this shortcut key to debug the copy file, debugging will also be triggered.

      That is to say, I can use the new copy file to debug without modifying the original file (I don’t even care where the original file is located)

    2. If you modify a function in the copy file, you will not follow the original function definition, but a new one, which is equivalent to the original function being covered.
    3. Under the above conditions, we can add some debugging statements, such as: insert variable value (equivalent to print)How to insert a formatted string into a specific buffer?In another buffer

        (with-current-buffer buffer-name
                insert var)

Some methods