[electron] Netease cloud transcoding client



Recently, I need to use some accompaniment. I found that many players need money to download songs. I can listen to them but can’t download them. As a poor B, I can only figure out how to whore it~

I happened to see an article when I was browsing SF
How to cache Netease cloud music
Is this not a coincidence? The author has realized online transcoding. Do you want to download and download? I have to wait a long time to download these thousands of transcoding songs.
It’s better to write a local client to it!
And I spent a day watching itelectronThe introductory tutorial, found very simple if you will a little bitnode.jsVery Bong!

Decoding principle

You can see the link article in the foreword, which has been very detailed. I will not repeat it


WhyelectronBecause I want to write a desktop application to operate my files directly, so I don’t have to save the network consumption of online transcoding, uploading and downloading~

Using electronic is equivalent to our front-end can also operate things outside the browser (with the ability of node), it feels very good! And to write a page is to write HTML, CSS, can achieve a very good visual effect, and this is too simple for the front end!

A big hole

The packing of electron was really very, very uncomfortable for Jill. In fact, there were only a few lines of command. But considering the problems inside and outside the wall, I had to play for several hours to get it done.

Source code

Why I didn’t use GitHub before, because I was lazy. Now I start to use it. I hope you can give me one if you think it’s a bit of JB
Netease cloud music transcoder

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